December 24, 2012

I'm Married to The Grinch. But I've got an idea...

I love my husband but he can be a little bit of a Grinch when this time of year rolls around.  Perhaps it's because he grew up with Hanukkah only whereas I grew up with both.  Perhaps it's because his wife has the Christmas music station on the radio playing 24/7.  Which I realize is similar to a military torture tactic if you didn't grow up in a home where your mom baked and decorated while playing the same 20 songs on repeat.  

ugly christmas sweater, ugly christmas sweater drink cover,

Regardless, I'm determined to have Kayla grow up in a home that doesn't necessarily push one religion over the other but is incredibly festive throughout the year.  I do know the way to my husband's heart (which hopefully is not 3 sizes too small after reading this) and it's generally through food and beer.

So when I spotted these beverage sweaters with incredibly obnoxious yet adorable patterns and even more ridiculous pom-poms attached to them I immediately grabbed a handful off the shelf at Target like a reflex.  They reminded me of the ugly Christmas sweater parties I used to attend back in NY.

I know attending one here is not even a possibility because Frosty my husband would absolutely refuse.    I don't think I could get him to one kicking, screaming and jingling all the way so this year I'm attempting to woo him to the world of kitschy decor with these beverage sweaters.  Baby steps, right?

ugly christmas sweater, ugly christmas sweater drink cover, christmas sippy cup cover

And just because these will be outfitting a lot of Bud Light Platinum over the next week or so doesn't mean you can't use them on more wholesome a sippy cup of milk.  I know I'm in for a great big Kayla smile when she see's her Santa suit cup tonight!

Merry Christmas to you and your family from our crazy one!
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