December 5, 2012

The Placebo Effect done right - Oola Reusable Graphics

It's crazy how much of a psychological game parenting is!  Has your child ever turned up their nose at a food only to then eat the same thing off of your plate with no possible explanation?  I know mine haslike 47 times.

Now I'll be the first person to admit that the cynical New Yorker in me laughs in the face of most products that promise to magically ease stress, help you sleep, make you skinny, etc.  However I recently found one that I LOVE which promises nothing other than the placebo effect.   Quite frankly, I think it's brilliant!

Oola reusable graphics, inspirational decals, inspirational stickers for kids, Press Here stickers,

When Amy from Oola contacted me about her reusable graphics, I immediately thought they were awesome.  She sent over a few for Kayla and I to check out and after a couple of months in our home I have to say they make me smile every day.

Each one has a different theme.  My husband and I would always tell Kayla "happy dreams, happy thoughts" before kissing her goodnight. I put the "Sweet Dreams" one right by the light switch in her bedroom.

Now before bed she pushes the button for sweet dreams, turns off the light and heads to bed.   I love that rather than us telling her to have good dreams she thinks she has control over her own ability to do so....kind of a neat concept for kids!

Getting out the door to school in the morning is frequently a struggle.  I know this isn't the greatest picture, but it sure does capture what I'm up against on extra special mornings...

So I put this Oola graphic by the door to our garage to allow my grumpy child some self induced giggles and smiles on the way to school.  Does it work every single time?  No.  Did you see the child I just showed you? She's a tough cookie when she wants to be!  Has it helped me her on numerous occasions?  You bet!

Oola reusable graphics, inspirational decals, inspirational stickers for kids, Press Here stickers,

Wondering where you can find these awesome placebo-effect decals?  For some grown-up inspiration check out Uncommmon Goods, just Press Here.  Did you fall in love with the ones for kids?  You can contact Amy at Oola directly for those at
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