November 3, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man showed up at our door!

I cannot lie, it's kind of awesome that Spidey showed up at our house last week.  No, I'm not talking about the 6 costumed children that came dressed as him for Halloween.  I mean the movie  The Amazing Spider-Man which will be released on November 9th.

Mommy Testers #SpidermanWMT The Amazing Spider-man Walmart exclusive mask gift set

After the last few action packed weeks my husband and I were looking forward to spending our Friday night at home with Kayla, some comfy sweats and a pizza.  So when I whipped out this sweet Spider-Man gift set my husband was confused, excited and declared me "the best wife ever." We'll see how long that lasts!

He had really wanted to see Spider-Man in the theatre but we were never able to coordinate a babysitter and get out to do it.  Sound familiar?  Then you can pre-order it to arrive at your front door around November 9th and be the hero of the house…at least for the day.  Can't possibly wait until the 9th?  When you pre-purchase the movie you get early digital access to it from Vudu, instant gratification!

Mommy Testers #SpidermanWMT Spider-man MarketSide pizza at Walmart

Even though seeing the movie was going to be for the overgrown children grownups in the house it would be unthinkable to leave Kayla out of the movie night fun.   Therefore I headed to Walmart to pick up a special #SpiderManWMT Spider-Man pizza (no cooking - yay!) and some fun little extras to make the evening special for Kayla.

Before I left I downloaded the Web Slinger app on my iPhone and took Kayla's picture with it to insert her into a custom comic book.  As you might imagine, she thought it was pretty awesome.

Mommy Testers #SpidermanWMT Spider-man Web-slinger app

I grabbed some fun items including a Spider-Man punch ball, a Spidern-Man cup and a set of cardboard masks so all 3 of us could get our Spidey on.  My favorite find of all was similar to the concept of the custom comic in the app, this Spider-Man Story Studio.

Mommy Testers  #SpidermanWMT Spider-man merchandise from Walmart

I was able to create a 10 page printable comic book starring none other than "Super Kayla" who worked with Spider-Man to battle Doc Ock.  The kit included paper to print it on, a set of Crayola twistable colored pencils and even Marvel Spider-Man binding to make it feel extra authentic!

 Mommy Testers  #SpidermanWMT Story Studio coloring book and Spiderman cup from Walmart

I had a plan for our Spider-Man pizza up my sleeve, but before I got to work I decided to have a  little fun and play around with the Web-slinger app.  You can trigger the app with the special pizza box or the DVD package.  If you activate them at the same time then you can see Spider-Man and Lizard duke it out.  On those places where it says "tap" you can touch the screen to move the characters along.

Mommy Testers #SpidermanWMT web-slinger app activation with Marketside pizza and DVD
After playing with the app for a little longer than I would like to admit I got to work and turned my pizza into this pepperoni spider pizza.  No, it didn't come that way straight from Walmart, but how cool would that be?  I just whipped out my pizza cutter and sliced the pepperoni up to make little legs.  As you might imagine it was well received.

Mommy Testers  DIY #SpidermanWMT MarketSide Pizza with pepperoni spider

While our pizza was cooking Kayla got to work on her Super Kayla comic book.  She was excited to see herself on the coloring pages, complete with pigtails and a smile! I will have to make one soon for Kayla's bestie who is super hero obsessed.

Mommy Testers  #SpidermanWMT coloring a custom comic from Walmart

After  tooth brushing, pajamas, one more drink of water and many calls of "I need to tell you something!" Kayla went to sleep and we were free to watch The Amazing Spider-Man.  I won't spoil it for you but I will say that it has some great action scenes and lots of suspense!

Want a sneak peek at the Walmart exclusive bonus disc - Enter The Lizard?  Click here to check it out!

Just so you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment #CBias #SocialFabric #SpiderManWMT everything you see is my personal and quite picky opinion.
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