November 9, 2012

Sending Some Love & Light Bulbs to New York #GELightingCFK

I've told you before how I love Champions For Kids and their mission to get people like you and I to become active in helping children through SIMPLE Service Projects.  This week I was called upon to do one of the most rewarding aspects of my job - make a donation to help others.

The folks over at GE recently sent me some vouchers for their Energy Smart light bulbs to facilitate a donation. After watching my hometown of New York eerily sit in the dark post Sandy I had no doubt as to where I would send my donation.

sending GE light bulbs to New York, #GELightingCFK, Champions For Kids SIMPLE Service Project, How to Donate Lightbulbs

This month Champions For Kids is working to teach parents and children how they can make simple changes like switching from incandescent lights to more energy efficient ones and the huge impact it would have to their wallets and the environment.  Here is a statistic that really surprised me:

If every household in the US switched just ONE incandescent bulb to a GE Energy Smart light bulb it would save $600 million dollars in energy costs and prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 800,000 cars!

GE Energy Smart Light Bulbs from Walmart #GELightingCFK, Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Those are numbers you can't really ignore, so I felt compelled to get behind this movement and spread the word.  I know those statistics are large scale ones, so if you're wondering how much of an impact making the switch could be for you personally then check out the GE Energy Savings Calculator.  A while back I had looked into the savings for my home and discovered they were significant.

Using the GE Energy Savings Calculator #GELightingCFK, How to calculate energy savings

I knew my donation should go back to New York and as it turned out I had a trip planned with Kayla to go visit family which got me thinking.   I called up my aunt who happens to be the director of the Family Services of Westchester County's Big Brothers Big Sisters program and asked if they would like my donation.

Originally I had been thinking about how it would be helpful for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program to have more energy efficient light bulbs, but she changed my train of thought entirely.  My aunt told me that she would like to put them into some holiday gift baskets she was going to have the little brothers and sisters in the program make to bring to some elderly people in need.  I LOVED the idea!

What's better than giving to help children?  
Giving to them so that they can learn to give to others! 

#GELightingCFK, how to donate light bulbs, donating light bulbs to charity

I decided that not only would our family donate those GE light bulbs but we would also buy some food for the baskets and headed to Walmart to shop for my donation.  I picked up 2 big boxes of GE Energy Smart bulbs and a bunch of non-perishable food to donate.  I would have loved to buy more but I needed bring everything I was buying 2500 miles across the country in our checked baggage and needed some space for Kayla's clothes!

Next week I'll let you know how our donation went back in New York.  Until then I'd love to encourage you to check out the GE Energy Smart Challenge where you can calculate your potential savings as well as nominate a classroom or charity to receive a $100 Walmart gift card to better serve children.

You also might want to think about doing your own SIMPLE Service Project.  If there is one thing I have taken away from the projects I have completed so far it's that they feel great when you do them and even better when you get your kids involved!

Just so you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ Champions for Kids and GE Lighting #CBias #SocialFabric everything you see is my personal and picky opinion and I was honored to participate in this amazing movement!

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