November 20, 2012

Rice Krispie Treat Turkey - yep, it's happening!

It's true,  I've been holding out on you guys with this one.  We don't have tons of Thanksgiving traditions in our family but one of them is this Rice Krispies turkey.  I can take exactly ZERO credit on this one because it's something my mother has been making for about 20 years now but it was time to share this bird because I can say firsthand that kids and really really overgrown kids go absolutely nuts over it!

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Just mix up unsalted butter, mini marshmallows (they melt more easily) and Rice Krispies just like you might for regular treats - super easy!

Where things get a little tricky is molding the turkey.  My mom always relied on wax paper to mold hers but (forgive me mom) I think it's still too sticky to do it that way.  Instead my big secret is to dump the batch out on a piece of wax paper.  Then I take a little bit of unsalted butter, coat my hands with it and get to molding.

The most difficult part of creating this turkey is that it has to happen quickly.  I shape the base in a fat teardrop shape and put it on plate or in a roasting pan for effect.  Then I quickly mold some legs and wings also using the butter trick and smush them into the body of the turkey.  So long as you are working quickly they will stick.

 Finish it off with a couple of paper frills made from plain white copy paper and serve it up asking people if they want white meat or dark meat.   You'll have a dessert that everyone will not only love but beg you to make next year….and don't you want to be in charge of the dish that takes less than 15 minutes to make?  I thought so :)
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