November 21, 2012

I am thankful that my child is thankful...

Isn't it so easy to doubt yourself as a parent?  I'll be the first to admit that while I like to think we're doing an okay job raising Kayla there are always moments when I question my parenting.  We all know that Thanksgiving is supposed to be about giving thanks for what you have and who you have in your life but sometimes it just doesn't seem that way.

Sadly, when I think of Thanksgiving some of the things that enter my mind are:

-I better get to the grocery store early to avoid the long lines and the insane yam hoarders.
-Is the DVD player charged in case of excessive traffic?
-Can I really cook a turkey and not poison people?
-Do I need a mercury glass turkey for decor?  Are the people at Target conspiring to get my husband to divorce me by selling them?
-Is this holiday ever going to just be about our family and what we want to do to celebrate it?
-What would Martha do?
-I can't believe that people still use cream of mushroom soup in this day and age (as I buy it anyway)

Don't get me wrong, I associate Thanksgiving with a fun night filled with family and lots of "remember the time when?" but it's all the build up and prep work that tends to cast those thoughts into the background and steal center stage.

The pre-Thanksgiving motions were just about to send me into a tailspin yesterday when I walked into Kayla's classroom to pick her up and her teacher informed me that "your daughter is thankful for the entire East coast!" Huh?  She showed me the wall where each child had created a tree of the things they were thankful for.  Most of them had 2 or 3 leaves on them and were looking like Fall had really gotten to them. Kayla however had apparently run out of room but wanted to keep going.

Thanksgiving tree thankful craft

So this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful that despite my and my husband's mistakes along the way (which I am sure there are plenty of) it seems that if nothing else we have a child who is thankful for the truly important things in life!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!  If you're traveling today or tomorrow be sure to buckle up.  Apparently it's the law, even if you are a turkey…at least according to Kayla.

buckled up turkey for thanksgiving

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