November 22, 2012

Forget Black Friday - Shop on Small Business Saturday

Sometimes I get caught up in my lovefest with for the ability to tap a few buttons on my phone and have things magically show up at my front door.  I think it would be insane to attempt to deny the convenience and sharp pricing that online shopping frequently offers but there are certain things that it just can't deliver.

So here is my reminder to you to do at least a little bit of your holiday shopping on Small Business Saturday, this Saturday 11/24.  I'll be shopping at my favorite local San Diego toy store, Gepettos.

Why will we head there?

1) Because there are things that Amazon simply can't deliver on, like watching the look on your child's face as they go skipping through the door with glee, much like you did as a child before the days of online shopping.

2) Because no online store has ever greeted Kayla by name and asked her what she's been up to lately.

3) Because I can't see in person just how much my child really wants something or doesn't care at all about it on the web.  The toy store reaction is worth a thousand words and then some.

4) Because if we forget about small businesses then one day when you need that very last minute gift and can't even wait for one day shipping on it, there will be no place to go get it and no stores for our kids to have that same magical experience we had as kids…and I hope I never see that day.

Do you have an American Express card?  Then you REALLY don't want to miss out on Small Business Saturday.  Geppettos is one of the thousands of small businesses across the country that will be participating in SBS.

Register your Amex card and if you spend more than $25 in a single transaction at a participating small business you will receive a $25 statement credit sponsored by American Express.  So skip the Black Friday big box store insanity and send some love to a small business on Saturday - you might just score a great holiday gift for free :)

Happy Shopping!!
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