October 22, 2012

What Comes After Swim Class? Ever heard of PADI?

You may have heard me mention before that I have a little fish on my hands.  Kayla has been going to swim class twice a week since she was about 6 months old.  This Summer at 3 and a half she has been diving in and swimming the length of our pool, retrieving toys from the bottom and learned to pull herself out of the pool.  Here she is at just 20 months old!

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I grew up back on the East Coast dreading swim class at Summer camp and pretty much being terrified of the water until I was 9.   Like most parents, I wanted better for Kayla.   Since we have a pool at our home and live just a few minutes from the beach its very important to my husband and I that our child becomes an proficient swimmer and feels confident in the water.  That got me thinking, what comes next?

I'm excited that Kayla loves to swim but over a dinner conversation the other night my husband brought up that question of what happens in the future to keep Kayla from getting bored with swimming and abandoning the skill like so many kids tend to do as they get older.  We talked about her learning to get up on a boogie board at the beach next year and then I remembered that a few weeks back I had wound up learning about PADI diver certification.

PADI, PADI certification, PADI sea camp contest, PADI sea camp giveaway, PADI Family Dive Contest

Yep, I mean scuba diving!  No, I'm not sending my preschooler off to scuba dive - she's a little too young for that.  However I did recently learn that you can start your child at 8 years old through the PADI Bubblemaker course.

I have this far off dream that one day my family will cash in the bazillion Starwood points I've been accumulating over the years and head to _______(insert remote tropical locale here) where we will scuba dive and see ocean life I've never seen outside of an aquarium.

Do you have that same dream too?  If you do and you're curious about getting scuba certified (or know a brave child who is 8+) then you should check out the PADI Sea Camp Contest.  You can win a family trip to Palau - tropical amazingness!
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