October 18, 2012

The Monster Eater - A Monster Who Is On Your Side

Is your child scared of the dark?  Is there a monster under their bed?  If so (at least in their mind) then have I got the cutest cuddliest solution for you!

One of my favorite childhood memories is the night before we went to Disneyworld as a family. I was 10 years old and one of my little sisters was 6.  She was one of those kids who is afraid of everything under the sun.  Any normal child would have been wiggling with excitement over meeting Mickey and checking out Cinderella's castle.  However, my sister refused to go to sleep, insisting there were ghosts in the room.

The Monster Eater, Book for afraid of monsters, Book for afraid of the dark, Einar the monster eater,

In a moment that makes me realize just how awesome and creative my mother is, she grabbed one of those nasal aspirator bulbs, wrapped a paper bag around it and secured it with a rubber band.  She then handed over the "ghost scarer" to my little sister who spent the better part of an hour squeezing it and warding off ghosts.

So when a box showed up at my house in the midst of Kayla going  through an "it's too dark" phase containing this little green guy Einar The Montster Eater, a book AND a spray bottle of "Monster Repellent" which was reminiscent of my mother's creation but more professionally executed  I thought YES, these people really thought this concept through!

Kayla is a child who very quickly decides whether she is interested in a book or not.  I'll say it's about 50/50 whether it's lovingly embraced or tossed to the side.  The Monster Eater passed her test and we read it several times in our first sitting and many MANY more times since then.

The Monster Eater, Book for afraid of monsters, Book for afraid of the dark, Einar the monster eater,

The Monster Eater is about a little girl who insists there is a monster in the very common monster hiding place of under her bed.  Einar, the cute green monster eater appears and helps her get over her fear.  First he volunteers to eat the monster under her bed and later he reveals that it's not his bravery that saved her from the monster under the bed but her own.

Kayla is quickly approaching 4 years old and I have to say that the concept that it was all in the little girl's head  was a little bit over her own head.  However, she fully grasped the more concrete aspects of book.

The Monster Eater, Book for afraid of monsters, Book for afraid of the dark, Einar the monster eater,

If your child is actually afraid of monsters in the dark then this is a fantastic all encompassing solution.  If you've got a little one who is simply afraid of the dark (like mine)  then I think it's important to say that if you can edit as you read them the story so as to avoid introducing a new potential fear.

I edited the book around Kayla's fear of the dark and while she can still be timid about approaching a dark room by herself, we no longer need 2 night lights and a hall light going at night.  Now she has good old Einar by her side and just one night light.  As you can tell, Einar has very quickly earned a special place in her heart and in her stuffed animal menagerie that's quickly taking over her bed!

Thinking that Einar might be for your child or a child you know?  Then you can learn more about him right here:  Check out The Monster Eater

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