October 23, 2012

Reclaiming the Master Retreat and Getting Cozy

A few months back we decided to refinance our mortgage and take advantage of a very low interest rate.  Part of doing so required having our home appraised and I nearly laughed out loud when the appraiser referred to our master bedroom area as the "master retreat."  While I'd like to think of it as a retreat, this is generally what's going on in there while I'm conscious.

My master bedroom before a makeover #CBias

Does this look familiar to you?  Some dog trampling, bed jumping insanity has been going on in my "retreat" on a regular basis.  On the very night I took this picture my husband had headed out of town on business, it had very abruptly become fall here in San Diego and I felt a nice cold coming on.  Awesome.

Basically, all signs pointed to my needing to reclaim the master bedroom, make it a place to find sanity and get it ready for the cold nights and mornings to come.  Plus, I thought it would be neat to surprise my husband with a relaxing environment when he came home.

Nothing says "honey let's relax" like a big fat American Express bill...not!  So, while I've had my eye on one of the gorgeous beds at Crate & Barrel I decided to work with some things we already had and add a few inexpensive upgrades like some warmer sheets and accent items.

Creating a headboard with pillows #CBias

I headed to Bed Bath & Beyond to shop for some cozy sheets and see if anything else caught my eye.  Sheet shopping is a tricky thing.  There are so many terms thrown at you like thread count, ply, fabric content and breathability.  I took a few textiles classes in college and spent a lot of time poring over fabric choices and these factors.  

When I'm shopping for sheets I will pay a premium for a superior product that will stand the test of time or for a brand I believe in.  I don't like buying the bargain brand sheets.  I made that mistake once with flannel sheets while having a moment of cheapness and had to wash them about 7 times before they stopped shedding like crazy.  It also seems crazy to spring for the fancy labels that cost $500 or more a set since after all, they're sheets and those ones usually require a ridiculous amount of ironing to look good.  

Sheex fleece sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond #CBias

One thing I had never seen was a fleece sheet set, which I found while shopping.  They were from a brand called Sheex, which I had never heard of but was intrigued by.  When you think of breathable sheets I'm willing to bet your mind immediately goes to cotton.  I know mine does.  We've all worn a fleece jacket or used a fleece blanket before and usually they aren't very stretchy and get hot with no way to let that heat escape.  Not exactly ideal for sleeping in, right?  

But this fleece was different.  I could tell as soon as I touched it and pulled on it.  It stretched and when I held it for a minute in Bed Bath & Beyond where they were blasting the heat, my hand didn't heat up and get all sweaty....this stuff actually breathed!  

his and hers sitting areas #CBias

I put those cozy yet breathable fleece sheets on the bed and used some Standard pillowcases I had found on sale a while back to create a look of a headboard.  I then spruced up a little sitting area for each of us on our sides of the bed.  My husband got a sleek magazine tote for all his financial periodicals and I got a little basket to hold a few of the books I zip through like crazy.  I also added a little graphic cutout trashcan on my side for the pile of tissues I knew I would soon be using.

I took a little break for lunch and thought it was odd that our dog was not at the table looking sad and hungry while I ate and when I returned to our room I realized why.  Clearly he was feeling the tranquility of our upgraded room!

a comfy cozy bed with Sheex Fleece sheets #CBias

By the time I finished my mini makeover on the bedroom my cold was in full swing and boy was I glad to have a serene and cozy bed to kick back in for a couple of hours before picking Kayla up from school.  I snuggled up and indulged in guilty pleasure #1, the Bravo network with an episode of Flipping Out.  Jeff Lewis has the most amazing design sense and I hope one day he shows up at my front door. Until then I'm loving my little upgrades and our bedroom sure is feeling a lot more like a retreat!

relaxing in my new Sheex fleece sheets #CBias

Just so you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ #CBias #SocialFabric as always, everything you see is my own personal and quite picky opinion.
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