October 22, 2012

Paint without the chemicals? Glob it on!

Last summer I had the brilliant idea to buy this Crayola paint.  My logic was that they make great crayons, we all grew up with Crayola, yada yada yada...it was a disaster!

I'm not one to say things that aren't nice about a company or its products but while I still think Crayola is the king of crayons this paint was one of stinkiest, overpowering odor filled products I have ever bought for Kayla and I immediately regretted my decision.   This year since my head is permanently stuffed in a box of kid stuff at all times I discovered Glob through my friends over at Little Pnuts

Sounds messy right?  Contrary to their name, Glob makes water soluble pigment paints from fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices.  You know, like how things were done forever ago...before people started putting chemicals into everything under the sun.

The folks over at Glob sent me one of their paint packs to try out with Kayla and I found myself feeling a bit jealous of her because from the start they looked awesome.   Don't you just want to frame those packets?

You do have to mix these up with water, so there is an extra step versus conventional paints you find in stores but I think it was fun to do and as you can see above, very simple.  For Kayla it was like a cooking project and a painting project all in one.  Glob gives some suggestions for use which include homemade play dough (will have to try that) and painting easter eggs.

Now if this isn't an impatient child, I don't know what is.  As soon as I put the different powders in the bowls they could not be mixed fast enough.  Kayla could not wait to paint with these and I have to admit I was taking my sweet time mixing them up because they actually smell sweet and terrific, very much the opposite of the paints we had tried and thrown out last year.  Once mixed we headed outside and Kayla got to work.

The Glob paint packets mix up to be like watercolors.  Normally I'd buy these watercolor paints which are a cheap, compact setup and can easily go to Grandma's.  One thing I liked about the Glob paints was that I could just dump the bowls out in the sink when we were done and not have to worry about trying salvage and clean the whole paint palette which I would normally have to do.

One more big difference?  The paint brushes are amazing.  Kayla immediately grabbed them and refused to put them down.  She kept saying "mommy these are very soft."  The brushes also hold paint better than those thick plastic bristles you find on traditional kiddie paint brushes.

Think Glob paints might be for you?  Obviously I'm in that camp.  You can check out their entire line of products right here:  Glob it on!

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