October 29, 2012

Do you have a kid friendly first aid kit?

When it comes to being prepared I'm usually your girl.  At 6 months pregnant we had a fully painted, furnished and accessorized nursery.  No joke!  When we are dining out I always have a bag full of stickers, crayons and toys on hand.  That's just the way I am and can't really imagine being any other way.

So recently, when my husband took a nice chunk of skin out of his hand while we were working in the backyard I realized that Little Miss Prepared was embarrassingly unprepared when it came to first aid.  Sure, we have some bandages and a tube of Neosporin but somehow I completely overlooked putting together a real first aid kit.

If you know me then by now you can imagine that anything I do comes with a dose of kiddie perspective.  Therefore, making a first aid kit that focused on keeping kids as calm and distracted as possible was important.  I headed to Sam's Club to start assembling our first ever first aid kit because Kayla LOVES bandages and while I don't buy lots of items in bulk I was hoping to find a giant package of them so I could let her play with some and not feel guilty about giving her "really expensive stickers."
Shopping at Sam's club for #HealthyValue Band-Aid brand bandages
Sure enough, I found the largest box of BAND-AID® bandages known to man (or at least this woman) at a great price. Around the corner in Target they were $2.79 for 30 while at Sam's club they were $9.98 for 160 which is over a 30% savings.  I personally prefer to buy the BAND-AID® brand bandages because of their quality.  The new QUILTVENT® Technology is designed to wick away away fluid and keep air flowing to help heal cuts...makes sense right?

Some child friendly choices and BAND-AID® bandages #HealthyValue

After my #HealthyValue shopping trip at Sam's Club I picked up a few smaller sized child friendly items to add in like this new Neosporin sting free wound cleaner, a Disney Princess Boo Boo Buddy cold pack and some party blowers because they are one thing that Kayla goes absolutely bonkers for.

my kid friendly first aid kit #HealthyValue

So what ultimately went into my kid friendly first aid kit?

-Tweezers for splinters
-Alcohol swabs for the grown ups
-BAND-AID® tough strips for the grown ups
-BAND-AID® Winnie the Pooh bandages for Kayla
-Neosporin wound cleanser for Kayla
-Neosporin to help make those cuts heal a little faster
-Q-Tips for applying the wound cleanser
-Party blowers as a distraction while cleaning up a cut (you can sub out whatever inexpensive item your child would get a thrill out of)
-Lollipops because a little sugar goes a long way at erasing tears!

my kid friendly first aid kit #HealthyValue

In our home fever reducing medication and thermometers live in the kitchen cabinet, but they could easily be a part of your kit as well.  If you're more qualified than I am to administer first aid you can go for the gauze, medical tape and scissors as well.  Since I have no formal medical training my rule is that if it can't be fixed with a simple bandage we're probably going to call on an expert and head to our local urgent care.

After I put our child friendly first aid kit together I decided to make one for Kayla's dolls too. I figure that if she helps clean up and fix boo boos for her dolls she'll be less freaked out when we have to do it to her.

First aid kit for dolls with BAND-AID® bandages #healthyvalue

I included an empty spray bottle to mimic the wound cleanser, some BAND-AID® tough strips and some left over I.V. Sponges from a hospital visit years ago.  I also threw in a lollipop which will almost certainly be consumed by the presiding physician rather than the patient and a little stuffed animal version of a Boo Boo Buddy that comes from an awesome product I promise to show you soon!

What's in your first aid kit?  Do you have a  kid friendly product that you love or a trick up your sleeve?  If you do I would love to hear it!

Just so you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. I have been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and BAND-AID® Brand #CBias #SocialFabric everything you see is my own picky opinion
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