October 14, 2012

Cinderella Is Here! Who Is More Excited?

I'm still new to this whole Disney Princess phenomenon.  I don't know if it's the abundance of merchandise available (is there anything you can't buy without a princess slapped on it?) or the fact that little girls just look really cute all dressed up.  Whatever it is, let me tell you - princess-itis is highly contagious and our home is thoroughly infected.

We all know that no toy, regardless of how realistic, expensive or artificially intelligent it may be is as good as cardboard box so when I saw a couple of big boxes in our recycling pile I decided that I would turn them into a carriage for my mini-Cinderella.

DIY Cinderella carriage #DisneyPrincessWMT

I think it's safe to say that Kayla was pretty excited when she came home.  It was difficult to get her out of the carriage when it was dinner time and I'm not sure how I'm going to break it to her that this giant box cannot become a permanent fixture in our living room!

DIY Cinderella carriage #DisneyPrincessWMT

A few days after the carriage reveal we headed to Walmart for the Disney Princess Cinderella event.  It was nothing too crazy, some pumpkin decorating with Disney Princess stickers and foam stickers but right on target for things that kids Kayla's age enjoy.  First she was shy and unsure and then she got into it and was decorating away.

#DisneyPrincessWMT party Cinderella Retailtainment event

After decorating this fab little pumpkin we headed off to find our own copy of Cinderella for the promised movie night. The store was packed so we found it quickly and headed home.  It only took a few minutes before my little princess went from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty!
#DisneyPrincessWMT party Cinderella Retailtainment event Picking up Cinderella Diamond Edition combo pack at Walmart

What's the best way to wake up a potentially cranky child?  For me it's promising either a craft or baking project.  Kayla and I got to work making these Cinderella inspired cookies and setting up some favors for our party.  Baking is something Kayla truly enjoys and it was a reminder to me that we need to do it more frequently!  We had glass slippers and blue ball gown cookies and lots of sparkly rings I had picked up on my #DisneyPrincessWMT party shopping trip naturally I had to let a few make their way into her jewelry box before I could pack the rest away for our little princess play date.

#DisneyPrincessWMT Cinderella Party
When it comes to play dates and parties I'm definitely in the more the merrier camp so the next day we set up our Disney Princess play date at my favorite weekend activity, the open toddler gym at our local recreation center.  It's a place where tons of neighborhood families come with their kids for some unstructured play time and we always have a whole group of kids from Kayla's school there.  I bought ample supplies so any child who wanted to could join in on the fun.  

#DisneyPrincessWMT Cinderella Party Favors and snacks

 With lots of Cinderella and princess favors the kids were able to decorate their own princess squeeze pouch snacks, play dress up with lots of fun jewelry and paint till their hearts were content with some neat princess watercolor books. 

When they were done painting those little girls couldn't wait to take to the playground with their princess wands and cameras.  I had my picture taken by this cutie while I took hers.  Apparently through her camera I look like Snow White..I'll take it!  A big old game of tag with the princess wands started and the girls raced around the playground having a lot of fun.  
#DisneyPrincessWMT party
All that playing worked up an appetite for my whole family and we headed off to an impromptu lunch by the beach where the view is awesome but the service tends to be a bit slow. While I didn't have my usual handbag filled with child entertainment I did have my phone with the Royal Ball app.  Kayla got back to work dressing herself up as a virtual princess and it saved the day while waiting for our food to arrive.  

#DisneyPrincessWMT Royal Ball Augmented Reality app

Back at home I had a couple more surprises for our special Cinderella filled day....like this castle I could not resist picking up which provided a solid two hours of entertainment and a surprising amount of imaginary play.  Generally speaking I shy away from giant plastic toys but this one was pretty awesome and right on target with Kayla's obsession of the moment.

#DisneyPrincessWMT Cinderella Toys from Walmart

And then we settled in for the grand finale, watching Cinderella.  This was our first full length movie at home and brought out a special princess blanket a good friend had given Kayla last holiday season and popped some popcorn.  As you can tell, Kayla was mesmerized and deep in thought checking out the movie.  At just under 4, some of the concepts are still over her head but she enjoyed it, especially the transformation of Cinderella into a "real princess."   All in all it was an awesome weekend of fun for Kayla and man we are getting lots of use out of that Cinderella costume!  I just hope it survives my child's abusive ways until Halloween...
#DisneyPrincessWMT Cinderella on Blu-Ray DVD from Walmart

Just so you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Disney Consumer Products, Inc. #CBias #SocialFabric as always, everything you see is my personal picky (and in this case Disney Princess crazy) opinion!
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