September 12, 2012

The Best Wings...Ever - Dreamy Dress-Ups

Kayla and I dropped by Geppetto's Toys the other day to see what new, fun things they had gotten in and I didn't even get a chance to look around before she RAN over to the display with these Dreamy Dress-Ups wings and asked if she could "please please take these home mommy"

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I don't always let her pick something because I don't want her to think that a toy store visit equals present for her.  However they did look about 100 times better than our quickly deteriorating fairy wings at home.

When I think of wings those wire framed, tulle covered things are the first thing that pop into my head.  They're pretty stiff, you can't wear them and sit in a seat well and it takes just one interaction with Velcro before they are tattered and ruined.

These Dreamy Dress-Ups are awesome because they are all fabric, completely flexible, and actually let your child flap their wings!  They slide on with elastic loops that go over their shoulders like traditional wings and then they have tiny little elastic finger loops so they stay on little fingers for maximum flapability.

They come in a bunch of designs - fairies, butterflies, ladybugs and even fire birds for boys that find the others to be too girly. Dreamy Dress-Ups run about $20 and you can obviously find them at Geppetto's if you're a San Diego local or right here: Get my super awesome wings
Best fairy wings, dreamy dress ups, best wings for kids, buy dreamy dress ups

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