September 18, 2012

The Best Pet Ever - A Veggie Fish

We're having a sea creature obsession in our home right now.  Mermaids, jellyfish, whale sharks, the whole nine yards!  In fact, the other day I was told by Kayla that she would like a whale shark themed birthday party.  That sounds easy to piece together right??  Suddenly those Disney Princesses sounded oh-so-appealing!

I was cutting up some veggies for a playdate the other day when I had an inspired moment.  I don't know why but I was thinking of those big poached salmons that you see covered in cucumber slices and I came up with this little veggie fish.

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Kayla can be picky when it comes to eating vegetables other than broccoli.  For whatever reason that has always been her thing, but other veggies can be a struggle.  This guy right here?  He was gobbled down in no time and I think you can tell how easy he was to put together.  Just layer up some quartered cucumber slices, carve up a bell pepper and add a baby carrot slice for an eye.  I swear, it works!
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