September 10, 2012

Stove Knob Covers - Do I Need Them?

I promised you a great item for Baby Safety Month every week this month so here is my pick for week 2.  If you missed last week you can see it here: Baby Safety Month, Week 1

Many children's toy kitchens come with knobs that click and spin.  Why?  Because kids LOVE turning them. They can't help it!  As soon as Kayla was starting to crawl I put these Safety 1st Clear View Stove Knob Covers on our stove knobs and 3 years later most of them are still intact and Kayla has never once managed to defeat them.

When I was first shopping for them I would read reviews saying things like "my child figured these out in a day" I'm not sure if these people have aerospace engineers for babies or maybe they just put them on way too late - after their kids started playing with the stove knobs.   I think the key is getting them on the stove well before your child develops an interest in the stove knobs because then they won't even know they're missing out on a fun kitchen amusement.

This might sound a tad crazy but I also really think that by unlocking these on the down low and usually blocking the line of sight of my mischievous toddler I was able to keep her from seeing mom or dad do it and therefore prevent her from discovering the fun new open/close toy that they would otherwise become.

If your child does attempt to come over and spin them a firm "No, danger" and handing them a safe kitchen alternative like a spatula should be enough to make them lose interest pretty quickly.  We have had one break off in the 3 years they've been in use but I have to blame that on user error - ramming a cast iron pot into it.

Just think about how happy you will be when you don't come back from taking 18 seconds in the bathroom to relieve yourself to find a nice flame going on the stove.  The appx $9 price tag for a pack of 5 seems well worth it, right?  You can find them right here: Get my stove knobs, keep my sanity
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