September 19, 2012

Something For Mommy - Gum that gives back? Yep, found it

I never really thought about how much gum we go through in this house until I was cleaning out my handbag the other day and found 4 different empty packs.  I'm not going to do the math on what my husband and I probably spend on gum annually.   My guess is that it ranks up there with those scary numbers people come to when they figure out their Starbucks latte expenditures, and quite frankly I prefer to live in ignorant bliss.

Yesterday I was picking up a few things at Walmart - laundry detergent, sponges, a Cinderella costume...all the essentials and of course some more gum since we always have a few reserve packs waiting in our kitchen "junk" drawer.  I was waiting in line to check out and Facebook surfing on my phone when I looked up and saw this

#CBias, Project 7, Project 7 gum, Gum that donates trees

I hadn't seen this product in the aisle with the other gum, but the clear tube caught my eye.  Then I saw the display packaging saying that a tree would be planted for purchasing it.  Okay, interest piqued!  I looked at the price and saw it was $2.96 for 55 pieces.  The Eclipse next to it was $2.96 for 60 pieces....hmmm.  I'm no tree hugging hippie type but I would sacrifice 5 pieces of gum for a tree, wouldn't you?

Project 7 gum cost comparison, Project 7 gum Walmart, #Cbias, save the earth gum

No getting dirty, no watching my very un-green thumb kill yet another plant despite my good intentions. Hello easy way to give back without doing anything different than choosing a different pack of gum.  Sold!

I paid and left the store feeling pretty good and dare I say clever?  Then I drove home to the chaos that is my household around 4pm and forgot about the gum until much later that evening when I unpacked the princess costume I was hiding.

I wanted to see more about this gum for trees equation so I checked out Project 7 online and liked what I saw.  As the skeptical type, I'm not a fan of when a company says they donate "a portion of the proceeds" from their product because I want to know exactly what they are donating.  Is it some minuscule fraction of a percentage? Or, is it something big like what TOMS does with their One for One program.

Project 7 Gum, Project 7 Causes, Project 7 Website, #Cbias
For the purchase of the fresh mint gum I chose, Project 7 will plant a fruit tree.  Pretty neat- more trees and even better, trees that produce food.  Purchases of their peppermint vanilla gum provide meals through programs like Feed America and a bunch of other reputable charities.

It doesn't stop at planting trees and providing meals either.   I was surprised to find that in living up to their namesake, Project 7 focuses on 7 different facets of human needs and looks to help fulfill them for those in need around the globe.  Many of these things we take for granted, like clean water and basic education.

Even better, I'm digging Project 7's very transparent approach to giving.  You can see their recent Impact Report right on their homepage and I was impressed by what has been accomplished both by them and people like me who made a simple swap during their routine shop.

Project 7 Impact Report, Project 7 gum, #Cbias

Beyond gum, there are a bunch of other products that Project 7 sells.  Like T-shirts, bottled water in biodegradable and recyclable bottles, each of which has a targeted mission and message.  I like these shirts and while I'm not usually one for toting around promotional items I  could easily see wearing this Change The Score one on the right.

Project 7 shirts for a cause, Project 7 donation, Change The Score
For me, it's nice to know that just swapping my gum brand will help plant an ton of trees over the course of the year, require me to do nothing additional to make those trees actually get planted and I'm not buying an absurdly priced product to make that contribution.   Does it get any easier than that to give back?  No, I don't think so!  And if you're wondering how that gum's pretty darn good -  smooth and minty fresh.

Project 7 gum, #Cbias, save the earth gum

If you'd like to find out where you can make the swap and "Change the Score", you can see where Project 7 products are sold close to you here or keep up with them on Facebook or Twitter.

Just so you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™. #CBias #SocialFabric  but as always, everything you see here is my personal and very picky opinion. I'm pretty psyched about this gum and will be purchasing it going forward!
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