September 17, 2012

Safari Ltd. TOOBs - So Many Ways to Play!

I've told you before how I think the TOOBs from Safari Ltd. are great.  They're not licensed characters, they're packed with educational uses and most importantly they have saved my family from being "Those People" in a restaurant or on an airplane more than a few times.

So I thought I'd share with you a few great ways to use the TOOBs with your own kids, nieces, nephews, etc.  Which will have people thinking that you're quite the creative person when you whip out a set of these at the crucial moment before a meltdown.  The only problem?  I came up with so many that I couldn't conceivably fit them in just one post so I'll send them your way over the course of few weeks, but here is one of my favorites...

 Play Hide & Seek

It's the oldest trick in the book - kids love playing hide and seek!  You hide them and they find them.  You can also turn it into a game of Hot & Cold  where you let them know if they are getting closer to the ones that are not as obviously placed.  This is such an easy way to get half an hour to an hour of entertainment on a rainy/snowy/lazy day.

Now You Seek!

Even better?  If they are old enough you can let them do the hiding and direct you around to find them. What would I do?  I'd pretend to be a terrible "seeker" and be searching in the kitchen and living room while tidying up along the way.  It's a nice way to get some cleaning done and keep them occupied and make them laugh as you open drawers and doors and claim you are having such a hard time finding those animals.
Get Them Giggling

Feel free to add in a slapstick fall or get "stuck" somewhere and ask them to help free you.  Trust me, they will love every minute of it.  Thinking about getting your own Safari Ltd. TOOB?  You can find a whole bunch of them right here:  Get my own TOOB

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