September 25, 2012

Picking Dad up at the Airport - Kind of Like Field Trip, right?

I'm realizing that half the battle of parenting is how you pitch things.  A little while back my husband was flying home from a "work event" in Las Vegas.   Normally I'd consider picking him up from the airport to be just another chore requiring me to confine a rambunctious Kayla to her car seat.  But while she was at school I reconsidered the scenario and decided that I would turn it into a "field trip to the airport" since so much of dealing with kids and chores is how you pitch it.

I didn't tell Kayla we were going until I picked her up from school.  I packed a bag with some kiddie essentials like snacks, story cards, some little animals and a homemade "airplane spotter" which is a fancy name for a brightly colored toilet paper tube made very official with a Sharpie.

I just used an old gift bag leftover from a Target dollar section 2-pack and put a little construction paper label on it letting Kayla know that this was official stuff in this "Airport field trip" bag.

We parked and Kayla was immediately amused by the Smartecarte dispenser.  Yup, the things that kids find entertaining never ceases to amuse me.

Watching the taxi line from the skybridge - also very exciting....less so for me!

Then we saw a plane landing so she got out the official airplane spotter AKA the toilet paper tube...that killed another 5 minutes easily.

We sat down near the area where I knew the arriving flight would let out, right before the security check and started playing with the story cards.  There were 2 pilots next to us and they were chuckling at her little bag of fun.

And then finally Daddy came through and the two were reunited.  He was only gone for a couple of days and I think some of the people in the waiting area thought my husband must have been coming home from a military deployment because I was taking pictures and Kayla was super excited, but oh well.  I guess we were "those people" yet again.   At least my child had fun and was kept busy the whole time!

And of course Kayla had to show her daddy how she flies like a butterfly with her new wings.  Remember those wings?  We're getting a lot of use out of them!

That's it.  This was a good exercise in me remembering that almost anything dealing with kids is what you make of it.  If I had been grumpy and stressed and treated this like just another thing we had to do, I bet Kayla's mood would have echoed that.  But instead it was like a choose your own adventure book and she loved every minute of it.  
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