September 7, 2012

Orb Factory - Art for (Parents who are) Dummies

I have told you before that I am not the craftiest lady on the block.  It's not that I don't have great oh-that-would-be-so-cute ideas it's that I have the skill set of a 7 year old and not a very gifted one either.

If you saw my drawings you would probably think that Kayla did them - in fact I have a feeling that once she establishes a sense of proportion I'll be left in the dust in that department.  Therefore, I am always on the hunt for ways to let Kayla do more art and me to keep my sanity/not feel like a completely inept mother.

Enter Orb Factory - a company that creates a variety of craft projects which hone in on skills like following directions and identifying color, shape and texture patterns to create some pretty impressive works of art.

Our friends at Orb Factory sent over one of their newer preschool aged products for us to test out the My First Creative Collage Dinos.  Right off the bat I like that this set includes 3 different dinosaurs to create and retails for $9.99 so if you are having a playdate or have multiple children you won't have tears/fighting (at least about this project) and it's pretty reasonably priced for what you get.

You let your child peel off the sticker portions and then fill in that section with an assortment of different colored and textured materials that Orb Factory provides you with, like pom poms, glitter, sparkly foil and foam pellets.

I'm not going to lie, when I saw the green glitter I cringed.  If you've ever been around kiddie art or sparkly makeup then you know that glitter manages to find its way into everything and continues to surprise you for weeks and appear on your forehead or scalp when you least expect it.

Much to my surprise, perhaps since this was big glitter that bordered on confetti- it was messy for a moment but with hand washing and a table wipe down it was gone for good.

Of all the craft projects we have done I would say that this was the one I was the least involved with.   The only times I intervened were to help clean the glitter and to give Kayla a little container for the foam pellets so she didn't dump them everywhere.  Other than that at 3 and a half Kayla was about to do it "all by myself" which is incredibly important to her.

Kayla spent about half an hour creating her dinosaur which was the perfect amount of time for me to get dinner ready and indulge in a rare pre-dinner cocktail with my husband....awesome!   I also think this dinosaur will be the perfect fridge decoration to bring to Grandma and Grandpa on our next visit.  

You can find the My First Creative Collage here: Get my Creative Collage and you can see a ton of other great products from Orb Factory right here :Check out the other Orb Factory products 

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