September 26, 2012

Got an Avengers fan on your hands? Don't Miss This!

Did you know that the Blu-Ray and DVD release for The Avengers is this week?  I didn't get to see it in the theatre because Kayla is a little too young for it and it's rare that we spend a date night at the movies.   By the time you add in the cost of a babysitter you're looking at a $100+ evening so we usually wait for the Blu-Ray release.  Total laggards, I know.

Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD Graphic Novel Combo Pack exclusive from Walmart, #MarvelAvengersWMT

What is Kayla old enough to do?  Run around like crazy with her bestie who is a 5 year old boy and addicted to super heroes.  They go to the same school, hang out together every weekend and can often be found chasing each other around clad as a multitude of different Marvel characters from Iron Man to Spider Man to my favorite The Hulk so I knew she would still be excited to have an Avengers night at our house.

Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD Graphic Novel Combo Pack exclusive from Walmart #MarvelAvengersWMT

The last couple of months have been very hectic around here so when I heard that The Avengers was being released and that Walmart was going to offer it with a bonus limited edition graphic novel I decided I would treat my husband and I to a laid back, very un-fancy and relaxing date-night-in.   I figured we'd then give the movie and the graphic novel to Kayla's buddy to pass on the enjoyment so he and his dad could have a movie night too.  Plus I know he will LOVE the graphic Novel.  A couple of neat scenes from it are above.

I decided to take Kayla with me to pick up The Avengers and we actually had a lot of fun because as it turned out there was this neat Avengers app I could download for free that had different features you could trigger by stopping at different areas throughout the store.  When I'm shopping with Kayla, anything I can do to create entertainment is welcomed so I took full advantage of it.

Avengers Augmented Reality App for iPhone #MarvelAvengersWMT

We were able to activate the Avengers app by scanning the Blu-Ray/DVD & Graphic Novel Combo Pack.  I still have no idea how this technology works but I can say it's uh-mazing!

Activating the Avengers Augmented Reality App from Walmart with the Blu-Ray DVD Graphic Novel Combo Pack #MarvelAvengersWMT

There was quite the selection of Avengers merchandise in the store.  My personal favorite were these giant Hulk Smash Fists. I also have to admit that the jokester part of me was temped to buy one these Avengers muscle costumes, probably Thor to wear for Halloween.  Ridiculous - but probably pretty funny!  If you want, you can take a look at all the neat Avengers things we saw.

Avengers Toy and Halloween Costume merchandise at Walmart #MarvelAvengersWMT

There were a bunch of different locations around the store that had trigger points to allow you to do different things with the Augmented Reality app like in the electronics department, the costume section, the toy section etc.

This is one of those moments where the Avengers app was very cool.  I think any school age kid would flip over this.  Here I am  grabbing those Hulk Smash Fists with some scary green virtual Hulk hands.  Kayla was confused at first and then begged for her turn.

Using the Avengers Augmented Reality App at Walmart #MarvelAvengersWMT

In keeping with my laid back theme I decided I would not be cooking dinner.  Instead I picked up an Avengers Pizza.  We went with the Captain America Pepperoni and I promised Kayla I would take off the pepperoni on half of the pie.  A pizza delivered near us runs about $25, no joke.  I was shocked when I saw that these Marketside pizzas were $8-$10 and massive.

Avengers, Marketside Pizza, Walmart, Augmented Reality, #MarvelAvengersWMT

As soon as we got home I just popped it in the oven while I sat down to color with Kayla.  Walmart doesn't mess around.  I was not kidding when I said the pizza was massive.  It barely fit in my full size oven!

Giant Avengers Marketside Pizza from Walmart #MarvelAvengersWMT

Since I try to find easy but creative things for Kayla to do I decided I'd turn some  heavy weight paper plates I had leftover from a BBQ into Captain America Shields.   All I did was download a star outline off the web, print it and use sharpie to trace it so it would bleed through a bit to give me an pattern to follow.  After that I just grabbed 2 different sized bowls from the kitchen and and traced them  for the rings.  If you have a child that would appreciate an Avengers mask to color (and what child wouldn't) you can download some awesome #MarvelAvengersWMT templates from

DIY Captain America Shield craft using paper plates #MarvelAvengersWMT

Since I'm relentless in my efforts to push vegetables I made another ridiculously easy yet Avengers themed creation.   All I did was slice up some cucumbers and use a little star shaped cookie cutter on baby carrots to make these little veggie shields.  They were well received by Kayla!..

Veggie Avengers Shields from Cucumbers and Carrots #MarvelAvengersWMT

First we colored the Captain America shields.  Halfway through Kayla decided she liked mine better and took it to finish coloring...that's my child!  These were probably not what Marvel had in mind but they were colorful and cute in the end.

Coloring our Captain America shields before dinner #MarvelAvengersWMT

And before we could finish coloring Kayla declared that hunger had struck and I was glad I had my veggie shields ready.  Naturally she had to pick the stars off each one and eat them separately.  3 year olds...

Coloring our Captain America shields before dinner #MarvelAvengersWMT

We had gotten so into coloring and checking out the graphic novel that I almost forgot about the pizza and luckily I reached the oven just as it was starting to brown.  It looked yummy and there was silence at the table for a few minutes so Kayla must have agreed.

MarketSide Avengers Pizza for dinner #MarvelAvengersWMT

After that it was time to get pajamas on, brush teeth and say goodnight 3 different times before Kayla went to sleep so we could relax and watch The Avengers.

Then it was movie time!  I don't want to do any spoiling of the movie for those who haven't seen it yet, but I will say it had some awesome action scenes.  The graphics and special effects were pretty incredible too!  I can't wait to give this combo pack to Kayla's little buddy.  He is going to LOVE it!!

Avengers Blu-Ray action scenes #MarvelAvengersWMT

Are you a San Diego local?  Then you'll be excited to know that The Avengers characters will be making a special appearance at the Walmart on Shawline Street, Store # 5338 this Saturday 9/29 from 3-6pm.  Have fun!

Just so you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Marvel. #MarvelAvengersWMT #CBias #SocialFabric but everything you see here is my own personal and picky opinion.
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