September 3, 2012

Did You Know It's Baby Safety Month? You Do Now!

I keep reading Facebook updates saying things like it's National Cherry Pie Day and a whole slew of other really unimportant days.  However, since we somehow flew from July into September I am reminded that it is Baby Safety Month, and that seems worth mentioning!

Childproofing was one of my least favorite activities as a parent.  Who wants to spend their Saturday trying to smush outlet plug protectors into 17 different hard to reach outlets? My point exactly.

It's amazing how much things change in a short time too.  It's been almost 3 years since we childproofed our home so I decided to see what new and improved things were on the market.  This month I'll be bringing you one of my favorite baby safety products each week, some old and some new but all pretty great - if you use them the right way.

Here's my first and probably most favorite one -  Munchkin Xtraguard Soft Impact Corner Cushions

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I can remember when we first used corner cushions on the coffee table in my childhood home for my little sisters.  They were just thin pieces of rubbery stuff that covered the corner.  Maybe they would prevent breaking the skin if a child bumped into the corner but they didn't provide any actual protection from the impact of bonking a head against a hard surface rendering them nearly useless.  My friends over at Munchkin sent me a bunch of new childproofing items to check out and these caught my eye immediately.

The XTRAGUARD Soft Impact Corner Cushions have this funky looking air bubble that is raised off the corner of the table so that if your child bumps into it they will be hitting the air bubble instead of the corner.  Pretty genius right?

Since this site is called Mommy Testers and not crash test baby testers I decided to give this a whirl myself and yes, I literally sat there bumping my head against this thing.   Naturally this coincided with my husband walking in the door and giving me a look that suggested he's thinking of committing me.  It wasn't  the first time and I'm sure not the last!

I'll be honest - it's not like falling into a down pillow because the bubbled area is firm to maintain that air bubble, but it was WAY better than hitting a wood or glass table. Why not use those giant foam corners you might have seen?  Because in nearly every home I have visited at least a couple of them are missing from the table since babies can easily get a grip on them and go around plucking them off.  They can't work if they're gathered in a bucket instead of on the corners of the table...

The Munchkin XTRAGUARD Soft Impact Corner Cushions sell for about $8 a set which seems a lot cheaper (and less traumatic) than a trip to urgent care! You can check them out right here:  Get My XTRAGUARD Corner Cushions

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