September 9, 2012

Daddy's Gone, Now What's for Dinner?

In our family I am usually the parent who travels more frequently for work.   I used to do tons of international travel, but put an end to that when I was pregnant with Kayla.  Now, I still criss-cross the country a bunch of times a year, but lately it's been my husband who we keep saying bye to. 

I don't know about you but I've noticed in discussions with my friends that we all seem to do the same thing when our husbands are out of town.  We completely abandon our kitchen skills and resort to prepared or frozen foods.  Between working, taking care of our kids and getting a taste of the single mom lifestyle (which is exhausting!) cooking for ourselves seems to fall by the wayside.

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You've heard me talk about how I try to feed as much lean protein and veggies to my family as possible.  Here's a dinner I might make on a night we are all home.  It's a stir fry with white meat chicken and the asian stir fry veggie pack from the produce section in Trader Joe's.  I add some jasmine rice and it's a pretty well balanced meal.

Last week I had to meet a friend about 20 minutes from our house and tried to plan to do my errands right in the area I would be meeting her so I could get them done child-free and without making multiple trips.  We're a Costco family since there are a few close to our home and my husband just looooves the place.  Me, not so much.  It's always crowded, parking is a pain and huge as it is, it still feels like there is never enough room in there for all of the gigantic carts whizzing by.

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Since I was meeting her right by a Sam's Club I decided I would check it out and see if I was missing out on anything.  If you didn't know, Sam's Club offers a one day pass to check out their store so I was able to do it risk free.  To my surprise, there were a lot of things that caught my eye.  Maybe it was the selection, or maybe it was that this Sam's Club was far less crowded and hectic for a Saturday morning than my Costco.  I actually enjoyed my shopping experience rather than feeling a frantic need to get out of there as quickly as possible.  You can see my whole first timer experience shopping there right here: Checking out Sam's Club
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My husband was headed out of town for a few days again so I was looking for some quick, convenient and still healthy options for myself.  I wound up grabbing a 6 pack of Lean Cuisine meals because they were one of the only healthy options there and I've had some success using them in the past.  I liked the bulk pack because given the wide assortment in the grocery store or Target I wind up spending 15 minutes deliberating over which ones to choose and this made it easy.

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I'm a fairly small person and I have to be honest and say that there is no way I'm going to eat one of those meals and be full so rather than diving into the junk food drawer I try to keep things healthy by making myself a simple but yummy side salad.   This time while I was on my own I made a mixed baby greens salad with edamame and yellow cherry tomatoes to go with the entree.  It took me a grand total of 2 minutes to put together.  

#FrozenFavorites, Lean Cuisine, Stir Fry, Healthy easy meal

Also, I'm not big on the microwave.  While we do have one I prefer to go for the conventional oven with most food.  Since I had no prep time with the Lean Cuisine it didn't matter to me that the cook time was longer.  Plus, I think the food usually tastes better!  I ditched the plastic tray, popped the Ginger Garlic Stir Fry with Chicken meal into this neat little baker dish and let it cook while I finished cleaning up a slew of Legos and Play-doh.

Here's the finished product - not bad, right? The #FrozenFavorites Lean Cuisine stir fry was only 290 calories so adding a salad with a vinaigrette was probably just right to make it satisfying and keep it healthy. A quick dinner for one, mastered!  Now if only I could work up the guts to use the BBQ by myself...

#Frozen Favorites, Lean Cuisine, Well balanced health meal

Just so you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for  Collective Bias™ and (Nestle) LEAN CUISINE #CBias #SocialFabric but of course everything you see here is my own personal and picky opinion.
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