August 10, 2012

SimplySmart Bottle - A Formula Mixologist's Pick

I'm not one to get involved in political debates but you'd have to be living under a rock to have missed all the recent press about Mayor Bloomberg giving his stamp of disapproval on formula in NYC hospitals.  I understand where he's coming from in wanting mothers to give breastfeeding a chance but really, does a higher authority need to be involved?

That being said, I'll openly state that from 6 weeks on Kayla was a formula fed baby.  I'm one of the most self deprecating women I know, but all joking aside I think I'm a pretty good mother who puts her child first about 99% of the time.  And as much as she might drive me up a wall on certain days, I think Kayla turned out healthy, well adjusted and pretty smart so far.

Like most mothers I know who used formula at some point I feel like I had a pretty darn good reason. Kayla had bad reflux and after 6 weeks of breastfeeding I was advised by her pediatrician (who is pro-breastfeeding and an awesome doctor) to try switching to a special formula to help combat the reflux.

Over the next few months, I performed what I can only refer to as extreme kitchen experimentation- trying to find ways to mix formula and to reduce the bubbles that occurred in the process since they certainly wouldn't be helpful with gas or reflux.

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Recently, the people over at MomSelect and Similac asked me if I wanted to test out the Similac Simply Smart bottle and I eagerly agreed since I think I have spent enough hours mixing formula to qualify for some sort of baby formula mixologist credential.

So what did I think of the SimplySmart?  I personally wish it had been around when Kayla was a baby because I do think that the EasyMix paddle inside the bottle helps reduce the bubbles.  You will still find some bubbles in there but I felt it was significantly fewer than you would get from shaking up a bottle normally.

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I also love the On-The-Go Powder Cap for it's convenience factor.  You just fill it with enough powdered formula to make a bottle, fill the bottle with the appropriate amount of water, snap them together and go.

Notice that little blue shield that's part of the white collar on the bottle?  It let's you know that the bottle is securely closed when you see it in the viewing window.  Similac calls it the SmartClose feature.  It's not exactly high tech but it is pretty genius!

About 20 minutes ago I just spilled an iced coffee all over the place because gasp - the lid wasn't screwed on the cup correctly and I wasn't shaking it, so imagine the mess this would save a sleep deprived parent who is making a bottle at 3am.

Similac SimplySmart Bottle, Simplysmart bottle review, Bottle for reflux babies, bottle to reduce gas, reflux bottle,

Is the SimplySmart going to be the be-all, end-all perfect bottle for every baby out there?  Obviously not, and I would question the credibility of anyone who tries to say that about any piece of baby gear.  Babies are picky about which bottles they will take and every single baby is different.

Do I think the SimplySmart is one of the more innovative bottle options out there? Yes, I sure do!  If you have a baby that's prone to spit up, being overly gassy or reflux it's definitely worth trying the SimplySmart.  If you're lucky and don't have one of those babies I still think it's a neat bottle for the convenience factor.

The best prices I found were on here: Get my SimplySmart Bottle but you can also find them at places like Target and Babies R Us.

Just in case you're wondering, Similac sent us this sample to test out but as always I don't accept compensation for reviews....ever.  You'll always see only my true and honest opinion as a parent, and a picky one too!
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