August 27, 2012

Mighty Monkey Playset - Mommy's Mind is Blown

Every once in a while (and maybe more) I am completely and utterly wrong.  I am usually quite good at screening out what will and won't be great before accepting a sample of a product to test but still, I've had a handful of occasions where the product just doesn't live up to my standards or I think it's just not nearly as helpful as promised to parents or kids.  Rather than waste your time and my time telling you about those things I'd rather tell you what the great products are.

Recently the very sweet people over at Patch Products sent me the Tall Stacker Mighty Monkey Playset I admit, I usually buy wooden toys and knew that this set would be plastic but I really thought it looked neat in the pictures I saw.  Much like most parents browsing online I could only go off the pictures and hope.

When the box arrived I opened it and my heart dropped a little bit.  Initially, it looked like your average brightly colored plastic toy that I usually won't buy and figured I'd have to let the company know that this product probably wouldn't be for us.  Well let me just say that I could not have been more wrong if I tried on this one.

It was Saturday morning and I left the open box on the floor near our entryway and went off to make coffee in the kitchen.  While I was desperately trying to caffeinate, Kayla wandered over to the box and started playing with the Mighty Monkey Playset.  Her dad was heading to play tennis with a friend and I was thinking of how I was going to entertain her for the next 2-3 hours while he was gone.  

As it turned out, not only was the Mighty Monkey Playset not bad, it was amazing and Kayla played with it almost the entire time he was gone.  I kid you not! My child is famous for doing the 5 minute thanks-now-lets-do-something-else move so this was unheard of.

Kayla needed some help getting the tower and slide together but she loved repositioning the pegs, building the trees, putting the monkeys on their tree swing and of course sliding them down the slide.  With a little help from me she figured out how to build up the monkey stacking pieces to act as a roadblock after the little cart slid down the twisty slide.

When she was done playing with the Mighty Monkey Playset as it's intended use of a monkey playground she started sticking all the pegs into the board to make a pretend birthday cake with candles and then carried the whole thing around the house singing happy birthday.  After that we counted all of the candles as she put them back in the box.

You would think the fun would have ended there right?  But no, before bed she went back for more.  We've had this toy for a while now because I do like to hang onto things and get a fair amount of time with them before telling you about them and I have to say that at least once a week Kayla asks to bring this out and then plays with it for a good 30-45 minutes which is significant for a preschooler.

I like that it keeps changing and becoming new to her because of the variety of elements to it, and that it challenges her to figure out how to make things work - like adjusting the height of the treehouse to make the slide function properly.  Basically, it's shockingly awesome!  If you feel so inclined you can check it out and get your own right here: Get my Tall-Stacker Mighty Monkey Playset
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