August 14, 2012

Leveraging the Disney Princess - Buh Bye Diapers

I have to admit that I knew this day would come and I have been dreading it since the moment that I heard the words "I only see girl parts" during our 5 month ultrasound.  I'm not talking about potty training, I'm talking about Disney Princesses.

I'll spare you my speech about why the idea of the princesses didn't thrill me but it has something to do with sitting around in your big old ball gown waiting for some prince to rescue you/fix your problems/generally save the day.

When Kayla turned 3 I knew my days were numbered.  A few weeks ago, after several recent birthday parties featuring Ariel, Cinderella and the rest of the gang my child declared her love for the Disney Princesses and I had to act like a real grown up, hold back the sigh and instead ask questions about which ones she liked and why.  

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This all coincided with my leaving for a trip to New York and while Kayla has been "potty trained" for a long time now, we hadn't yet done phase 2 - giving up the night diapers and it was probably time.   Kayla had been waking up dry most of the time.  My husband and I discussed it and decided that as soon as I got back we'd say bye to the night diapers.  During my many taxi rides on that trip I came up with an idea for how I would leverage those Disney Princesses and make them work for me.  When I came home I brought this along and left it for Kayla to find when she woke up.

We're now 5 nights into the 100% diaper free experience and it's a fabulous feeling!  Kayla wakes up excited every morning and rushes to come tell me that she stayed dry all night. Does it feel like bribery?  A bit...okay a lotta bit.  Would I use something like this for a long period of time?  Definitely not, and not unless it was for a major milestone like using the potty for the first time or giving up diapers for good.  Is it working? It sure is.  

While I'd like to pretend that a couple of star stickers thrown her way on a chart would make my child feel rewarded, that's just not that case.  In part I think it's an age issue and in part I'm sure it's my fault for spoiling her and making her think that stickers pretty much grow on trees.   And of course this could easily be adapted for use with Matchbox cars, Marvel super heroes or just about anything else you can think of that comes in a visually tempting package.  You can even use a holiday advent calendar and put in sweet treats if you prefer to go that route.  Me, I'm almost always trying to find a way to avoid C-A-N-D-Y so while this was a bit more pricey I felt it was worth it.  

And now, for the first time ever....I'm kind of grateful for those Disney Princesses!

By the way, if you do have a Disney Princess lover I can say that these new Magiclip clothes are super easy for a 3 year old to put on by themselves.  I made the mistake of buying one doll that had clothes you had to try to button up in the back and it ended in a lot of "mommy I need help" which clearly was not the desired effect.  If you have to go the princess route I highly recommend them and you can find them here: Disney Princess Fairytale MagiClip 

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