August 6, 2012

HulaBye - Baby Changing Game Changer

Have you done the baby changing dance with your baby recently?  It goes something like this:

-you desperately try to keep one hand on your baby at all times - just like the parenting books say to do.
-your baby squirms and resists as though their dirty diaper is a treasured family heirloom
-you finally get the diaper off
-your baby rolls on their side,  smearing the "treasure"all over themselves and their clothes
-you now get to change their diaper, their clothes and the changing pad cover
-your baby starts crying
-you feel like crying
-you wish you knew about the Hulabye Happy Changer

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So what is the Happy Changer?  To sum it up, it's like a soft vest that straps onto your changing table pad and keeps your baby from flipping over mid change.  The first time I saw it I admit I was unsure about it - it seemed restrictive.

Then I thought about it - swaddling, strapping a baby into a car seat or a swing, this really wasn't very different at all.  In fact it was a pretty smart solution.  Most babies spend months swaddled with their arms restricted and they like it.

While the Happy Changer does restrict your baby in the chest area, it allows them to move their arms and legs freely.  The reality is that it just replaces that hand stuck on their chest and instead allows the lucky diaper changer the use of both hands to make the process go faster.

Hulabye sent us one to try and here's one of our little baby testers in her Happy Changer, staying put and pretty calm.  The fabric on ours is flannel and pretty soft.  There is also a version that's done in the minky fabric that a lot of changing pad covers are made out of.  It's machine washable and dryer safe like all things that come in contact with a baby should be and the Velcro inside of the vest portion makes it adjustable to ensure a snug and safe fit for your baby.

Basically, having a Happy Changer is like having the third hand that most of us parents have wished for!

The Happy Changer costs $36-$44 depending on which version you choose.  I happen to think it's a pretty awesome alternative to doing the aforementioned diaper changing dance and makes a great gift for that person who registered for and received everything under the sun already but probably has never heard of Hulabye.

To learn more and get your own Happy Changer take a look here: Get my Hulabye Happy Changer 

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