July 5, 2012

Zooligans - Cutest shoes on the planet

Zooligans Review and Giveaway
zooligans animal shoes review puppy hooligans giveawayIf you've visited the children's shoe section at your local department store lately you might notice a trend for kids shoes these days... it seems the more bling, sparkles, neon writing, flashing lights and licensed characters the better.

Since my daughter is (hopefully) not a Real Housewife in training, I look for more simple yet very cute things when shopping for her.  When I found an adorable new kids shoe line called Zooligans I knew they were on to something.

Zooligans are high quality animal inspired shoes for kids.  Their designs are sweet, incredibly detailed and childish in a good way, just like kids shoes should be.

I'll admit that I do a fair amount of clothing shopping for Kayla in Target (Tar-jeyy) since they usually have great things for little girls.  One thing I won't buy there is sneakers.

If you pick up the sneakers you'll feel that most of them are actually pretty heavy.  Their cheap clunky soles give the shoe the bulk of the weight.   Now imagine your twenty or thirty something pound child wearing them - they're almost like cement shoes!

zooligans animal shoes review puppy hooligans giveawayYears ago, one of our mommy testers had taught me that light, flexible shoes were the only way to go.  Zooligans are pretty light and have amazingly flexible soles.  You can actually take the shoe and bend it almost all the way in half.  These shoes are so well thought out that I was actually pretty shocked.

I have bought all velcro closing sneakers so far for Kayla.  While they were easier to close than tying shoelaces they were still a pain to get on.  You'd have to loosen the strap pretty far to make the opening wide enough to put a chubby little toddler foot it it.

Zooligans have wide openings and longer velcro straps to make putting them on and adjusting them to be snug easy.
zooligans animal shoes review puppy hooligans giveaway
From a child's standpoint these shoes are irresistibly cute and detailed - Zooligans sent us the Sparky the Puppy shoes and he even has little nostrils on his adorable 3D nose.  Kids also love the paw print soles.

Kayla is currently obsessed with making footprints on the ground and when she saw that she could actually make what looked like paw prints with her Zooligans she was ridiculously excited.  Kayla begs to wear her puppy shoes every day and I have a feeling your child will too.

Zooligans come in a bunch of animal and color options like monkeys, koalas, pandas and many more and are available in toddler sizes 4-12.  They retail for about $48.  You can find them on Amazon.com right here: Get my Zooligans

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