July 16, 2012

Wee Drool - The Bulletproof Bib

Wee Drool bib review giveaway
Okay, so it's not really bulletproof but when it comes to bibs for babies and toddlers Wee Drool bibs are pretty much the closest thing.  Plus our mommy testers happen to think that they are just pretty darn cool as well, here's why...

wee drool bib wee drool bib review wee drool tshirt bibI can't even tell you how many pictures I have of Kayla on my phone and the 3 phones I had prior to it during the first three years of her life.  The bummer is that in most of the ones from the first 18 months she's got a cute outfit on and some less than fabulous bib covering up most of it.

Wee Drool makes bibs that look like well designed graphic t-shirts.  They're crafted from soft cotton and have a waterproof liner inside their double layered fabric.  They actually go on like a smock- you stick your tiny tot's arms through the holes in them and then they fasten in the back.

Wee Drool sent us the wee zoom style bib to test out and one of our mommy testers used it on her 18 month old son.

She compared it to a bulletproof vest because of how securely it went on and stayed on.  It would be really difficult for a baby to pull off on their own and provided a lot of protection for his clothes.  She also really liked that you could still take super cute pictures (like this one!)

Wee Drool bibs are reversible, waterproof and come in a bunch of cute boy and girl graphic and color choices.  We think they are fantastic and super high quality.  Just keep in mind that they say ages 3 months to 2 years but our little tester is 18 months old now and a bit of a string bean (long and skinny) and its getting pretty snug on him.

A bib from Wee Drool would make an original and very useful gift for a new parent.  We also love that these bibs are made from organic fabrics with water based dyes and manufactured in the the USA.  Wee Drool bibs retail for $28 and you can find them right here:  Get my Wee Drool bib
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