July 13, 2012

Polkadot What - Custom Leggings

I have no problem admitting to the rookie mistakes I have made as a mother...and there have been plenty!  One of them was collecting a pile of adorable and incredibly impractical denim jeans for Kayla.

The closest she has come to wearing jeans is the jeggings from Baby Gap.  Why?  Leggings are just so much more comfortable and give her free range of motion to play.

For the last few years it has become my mission to track down the cutest leggings I possibly can.  When I discovered the adorable, customizable leggings from Polkadot What I was pretty excited and had to share!

Polkadot What is all about expression.  You can sit down with your little girl and choose exactly what will be on their leggings.  If she's into hearts and stars, no problem!

You can pick 2 of their fun shapes, all of which have meanings behind them like hearts for lovable and polkadots for happy.  You mix and match on their site and then they ship them out to you within a day or 2.  

Polkadot What sent us these super cute leggings and as you can tell our kid tester had so much fun goofing around in them!

All of their leggings are hand printed with water based inks and 100% made in the USA.  You can snag your own pair for about $30 right here: Make my Polkadot What leggings  They make a great gift for a little girl who has everything - and don't we all know one of those?
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