July 2, 2012

The Little Yoga Mat - Yoga for tots

the little yoga mat reviewThese days yoga is not just for grownups. Yoga classes for kids are becoming more and more popular.  At Kayla's preschool even the two year olds do yoga a few times a week.

It's pretty darn adorable watching a bunch of tiny people getting into poses.  Sure, there are wardrobe malfunctions, nose pickings and a few wipeouts  along the way but surprisingly all those tiny tots listen, focus and truly enjoy it.

That got me thinking that with Summer approaching we should figure out how to channel that inner calm here in our house, which often seems less than zen!

When I found The Little Yoga Mat I could not get over how cute their mini mats are! Kayla loves getting on the adult sized yoga mat we have at home (especially while it's in use by one of her parents) but she can't really move it around or unroll it well since it's almost the same size as her.

Jensen Wheeler Wolfe the mom inventor of The Little Yoga Mat sent us one to try out.  I left it on Kayla's play table to see what her reaction would be when she came home from school.

the little yoga mat reviewUpon walking in the door she immediately ran over and shouted "Mom is this for me to do my yoga?" She was able to easily unroll it, lay it out and started showing off the few poses she knew without any struggling or help from me.

Kayla loves the colorful design and the just my size feeling of the mat.  I love that it can easily fit in my bag when she wants to bring it along to the park and that it's clearly made with quality materials, it's BPA, latex and PVC free and dyed with soy based inks.

the little yoga mat reviewThe Little Yoga Mat is available from some great retailers and directly from their website for $25.00 right here: Get My Little Yoga Mat  

It makes an awesome and original birthday gift for a preschooler, we guarantee you won't wind up giving a duplicate gift if you show up to your next party with one of these!

Our next mission is to learn new poses...hint, more on that later this week!


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