July 7, 2012

Little Duck Organics - Tiny Fruits, Big Smile

little duck organics tiny fruits
I'm always looking for healthy snack options that I can take on the go with Kayla and the other kid testers.  I personally don't feel like the world's best mother handing my child a sack of sodium filled crackers and letting her pig out.

Several of the mommy testers are pretty strict about snacks remaining healthy so we're always trying to get more fruits and vegetables in our kids hands.

When I found Little Duck Organics the name alone made it pretty clear what types of snacks they sold (if there is any confusion I've posted a picture of the ingredients here)

Little Duck is pretty much the younger, cooler, no sugar added kid on the block in the snack world.

little duck organics tiny fruitslittle duck organics tiny fruitsTheir concept is simple - take good food and keep it good.  They buy organic fruit straight from the farmer and don't mess around and add strange unpronounceable things to it.

They chop it up into tiny pieces, freeze dry it and send if off to awesome places like Whole Foods, Fairway and Amazon.com where slightly lazy/very busy parents like me (and maybe you) can serve them up guilt-free to our kiddos on the go.
little duck organics tiny fruits review
Little Duck Organics sent us the Pineapple & Mango and Apple & Banana to taste test and they were both super yummy.  So much so that it was pretty hard to get Kayla to share!

Little Duck Organics Tiny Fruits retail for $3.99 - which is less than the cost of a generic pineapple the last time I checked, plus they're far less spiky.

They also come in Strawberry & Mango and Blueberry & Apple and are prime shipping eligible on Amazon which makes life a lot easier!  You can get your own here: Get my Tiny Fruits

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