July 11, 2012

Innobaby Din Din - Dinner Divided

There is nothing like working all day long, picking up your kids and then rushing home to try to cook a decent dinner only to hear your child whine about having to eat it or demanding a peanut butter sandwich instead.
Innobaby Din Din stainless steel divided platter review
Rather than give in and feeding my ever demanding yet lovable daughter something Jamie Oliver would cringe at I've decided to try a different tactic with Innobaby's Din Din stainless steel divided platter.  

innobaby din din divided platter review

Innobaby sent us a Din Din bus platter and here are a few problems I have been able to tackle with the Din Din:

1) My food has touched another food syndrome

This is a common peril in toddler/preschooler feeding.  I recently watched Kayla dip her grapes in ketchup and eat them with gusto while I (barely) hid my surprise and disgust.  Just the day before she had decided her turkey burger was inedible because it had rubbed up against the cantaloupe on her plate.  Din Din keeps it all separate but allows her to dip away without contamination.  Genius!

2) Mom, you're boring me with the same old plate

It's true, even I get bored seeing the same old presentation every day...wouldn't you?  I've decided to pitch the Din Din tray to Kayla as her "Special School Bus Dinner Night" which happens randomly...and particularly on a night when I'm trying to introduce new vegetables or we have a baby sitter coming over.  You'd be amazed how far good packaging goes when it comes to selling a product!

3) Where are the vegetables?

I really try hard to make sure that nearly every meal I offer is balanced and includes a vegetable and at least one fresh fruit.  On really rushed evenings I sometimes find myself putting together a dinner plate and then realizing that I'm missing a food group.  I like the reminder that filling all those divided compartments gives me to diversify what winds up on Kayla's plate.

innobaby din din divided platter review

Honestly I can only say good things.  I love that unlike plastic plates the Din Din doesn't get scratched to bits by toddler forks because those scratches become bacteria hotbeds.  I like throwing it the bottom rack on the dishwasher and watching it come out clean and dry each time.  I also love that unlike muffin tins the compartments are sized differently so I can put larger main course items in those and save smaller ones for something like a dipping sauce.

The Innobaby Din Din stainless divided platter sells for about $15 and you can find it right here: Get my Innobaby Din Din  

- Jillian
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