July 25, 2012

Couture Clip - Baby's First Cashmere

Generally speaking I consider myself a fairly practical person when it comes to baby and kid stuff.  I'll spend money on things that I think are non-negotiable like car seats with great safety ratings, sunscreen without all the chemicals and organic food.  I rarely splurge on things like designer clothes since kids grow like weeds. Plus I like to let my child get messy rather than discourage her to play for the sake of preserving an outfit.

However, I have to admit I'm a bit of a cashmere lover myself.  While I would never consider going out and buying a cashmere sweater for a baby or small child I would think about buying a Couture Clip for a friend's baby as a little indulgence.  We all know a mom or mom to be who has everything...except this!

couture clip luxe binkie holder cashmere baby pacifier string clip

My cutie pie of a niece pictured here is 10 months old and adores her pacifier but you'd actually think she was in a shot put competition if you saw her in action. She loves to suck on it for a few minutes, chuck it as hard as she can and then cry because it's gone.  Yep, she is quite the confusing woman,  sending mixed signals already!

There are plenty of pacifier strings/clips/homing devices on the market but this little girl historically doesn't like them. When she first arrived for a visit to our home I watched her repeatedly try to rip one off of her shirt so I admit I had some low expectations for her as a candidate for the Couture Clip....

couture clip luxe binkie holder cashmere baby pacifier string clip

Wrong!  Rather than trying to rip off the Couture Clip she was pretty enamored with it.  Perhaps she knew it was high fashion baby gear.  Most likely it was the unbelievably soft cashmere that the body of the Couture Clip is constructed from which had her captivated.  Rather than fighting it she held onto it for a while, stuffed her pacifier back in her mouth, appeared quite pacified and allowed her mother 5 more minutes to browse in a cute boutique.  Mission accomplished!  

The Couture Clip luxe binkie holder sells for about $25 - $30 and comes in a variety of colors and luxury fabrics.  They also make a similar and equally luxurious product to keep a toy at arm's length. You can find out more about these products right here:  Get my Couture Clip  

A little tip?  Sign up for their newsletter and you'll get 20% off your purchase.  That little luxury just got more reasonable!

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