July 10, 2012

Brilliant Bath Finds

Boon Flo review

1: Boon Flo - you've seen bath spout covers before but we love the Boon Flo because it also works as a nice hair wash station, bubble bath infuser and play fountain.  We've even stuck Tub Tints in it and watched the kids smile with glee as colored water flows out! Get my Boon Flo
Cuddlecloth baby towel review

2: Cuddlecloth baby towel - this smart towel is great for first time parents and helps with getting slippery post bath babies wrapped up securely.  You fasten it behind your neck and in one swift motion you can wrap your baby up in a hooded towel without doing the "wet baby dangle"at all!  We received our Cuddlecloth from Mompact and they're giving away one below as well as some other great baby products. Learn more about Cuddlecloth

boon naked baby bathtub review

3: Boon Naked - There are baby baths a plenty these days. Some are only designed to last a few months (and are quite expensive) but the Boon Naked tub allows you to transform its shape over time to work with your growing baby.  It also folds flat for storage and can be hung to dry! Get my Boon Naked Bathtub
skip hop soapster soap dispenser review

4: Skip Hop Soapster - if you missed our Soapster review, take a look here Soapster review This clever little creature dispenses foaming soap with a push of his orange belly and can be used in and out of the bath. We've never seen our kids so motivated to get clean.

alex toys tub stickers review

5: Alex Toys Tub Stickers - They come in a bunch of theme choices and are a great preschool bath entertainment option that encourages creative thinking.  Kids can build a city, dress up dolls, create a garden and many more choices are available. Get my Tub Stickers

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