July 30, 2012

Parking Pal - Parking Lot Hero

When you live near the beach and it's Summer your house turns into a veritable bed & breakfast.  Or at least mine tends to.  As the resident innkeeper I find myself at places like Trader Joes and Target several times a week stocking up on watermelon, corn on the cob, grilling food, bubbles and sand toys.

I am frequently accompanied by Kayla on these errands and that means a decent amount of time spent in parking lots.  Call me paranoid but I'm pretty terrified of some of the drivers I've seen going 30 mph through a lot filled with kids or backing up without a thought or a glance behind them.

parking pal magnet, parking pal, parking pal review, handprint sticker for car, car kids safety magnet

The problem is I only have 2 hands and occasionally I need both of them to unload groceries. When it's 85 degrees out the last thing you want to do is put your child in their car seat right away - even if the door is open, it's pretty much an oven.  I found myself telling Kayla to stand next to the car and not to move which is pretty difficult if you're 3 years old.

My friends over at Mompact sent me a great solution for this problem.  The Parking Pal, like most really good ideas is simple.  It's a magnet you stick on the side of your car with a child sized handprint on it.  Since I am already the owner of a very "mommy mobile" style SUV I figured why not?  I put it on my car and didn't even tell Kayla what it was for.  She instinctively stuck her hand right on the handprint...kids are smart like that.

parking pal magnet, parking pal, parking pal review, handprint sticker for car, car kids safety magnet

Kayla asked me if the "hand sticker" was for her and I told her indeed it was and that when I was getting things out of the trunk it was her job to to hi-five the hand sticker and freeze.  That was a few weeks ago and now without my even having to say it Kayla goes right to the Parking Pal and puts her hand on it.

parking pal magnet, parking pal, parking pal review, handprint sticker for car, car kids safety magnet

Keep in mind that the Parking Pal is obviously no substitute for hawk-like parental supervision, but it's a great tool to reinforce that kids need to stay near and to give you a little bit more freedom with your hands.  The Parking Pal sells for about $9.00 right here:Get my Parking Pal

Want to win one along with a bunch of other helpful products?  Here is your chance below.
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If you'd like to find out more about the Parking Pal car magnet you can here: Parking Pal To learn more about Mompact take a look here:Check out Mompact

July 28, 2012

Mommy Has To Try This - Bugs in Food!

Bugs in your food when you don't want them there are inconvenient, frustrating and just plain gross!  However, bugs that are planted with care, are comically gigantic and conveniently plastic are giggle inducing and just might get kids to try new things.

I have a friend who is famous for having impromptu gatherings filled with kids of all ages and their parents.  She is an amazing host and when you're at her home there are constantly plates of food being set out on the kitchen table while the kids play in the yard.

She also happens to have a fantastic sense of humor, so when I saw her putting these giant plastic ants on the food right before the kids came in to eat I had to snap a few photos to share.

giant plastic ants, fun food for parties, put bugs in food

giant plastic ants, fun food for parties, put bugs in food

giant plastic ants, fun food for parties, put bugs in food

I'm all about keeping things fun and I can honestly say that the kids and adults were equally amused by this.  Kayla who is sometimes hesitant to try new things  found the idea of sampling the food that these giant bugs had invaded quite appealing.

So go ahead and stick some bugs in the food at your next party or family dinner.  I know I'm going to have to try this sometime soon in our house!

If you're wondering where to get those larger than life ants I found something very similar here: Get my giant ants

July 27, 2012

LeeLee Street Crayons - All Treat, No Sweet

I can still remember going to birthday parties as a child and coming home with my prized bag of junk - tootsie rolls, smarties, pixie stix, those paratroopers I'd toss off the top of the staircase with my sister, plastic kazoos, etc.

All of the above are things I would never want my child to have these days.  It seems we have learned a little bit about the effects of sugar and cheap chemical filled toys on kids since the 80's...or so I thought!

Kayla keeps coming home with bags of junk that haven't evolved much from my own childhood which got me thinking about what I would give out as party favors at her next birthday.  It would need to be something that felt safe, sugar free and still super fun for kids.  That is how I found the adorable crayons from LeeLee Street.

LeeLee Street Crayons review kids party favor crayons goody bag fun shapes crayons

LeeLee Street makes their crayons using high quality, non-toxic crayons and will only sell shapes that can't easily be broken by kids.  Their crayons come in a rainbow of colors and a great variety of shapes like race cars, frogs, cupcakes, building bricks, sea shells, skulls, hearts and many more.

LeeLee Street Crayons review kids party favor crayons goody bag fun shapes crayons

You can buy packages of 3 for about $4.50 which I think are great to throw in your bag and save for a dinner out with kids or for a quiet activity on a plane that's a little more fun than regular crayons (plus these ones don't roll off the table!)  Kayla is obsessed with Frogs and fairies so I think these very detailed frogs will make an appearance at her next birthday as decor and favors.

LeeLee Street Crayons review kids party favor crayons goody bag fun shapes crayons

LeeLee Street also makes party packs that have 20 individually packaged crayons and run about $1.00 a piece which seems pretty reasonable to me!  I love that you can also pay a little bit extra and get these very clever labels to put on the bags with a message and an explanation that it's indeed a crayon and not a piece of candy in the bag.

LeeLee Street Crayons review kids party favor crayons goody bag fun shapes crayons

I can easily see these race car crayons set up on some HotWheels tracks with a long roll of paper down the middle of table for kids to color on.  Conveniently, LeeLee Street sells those long rolls of paper as well as all of their great crayons in their Etsy shop right here: LeeLee Street on Etsy

July 25, 2012

Couture Clip - Baby's First Cashmere

Generally speaking I consider myself a fairly practical person when it comes to baby and kid stuff.  I'll spend money on things that I think are non-negotiable like car seats with great safety ratings, sunscreen without all the chemicals and organic food.  I rarely splurge on things like designer clothes since kids grow like weeds. Plus I like to let my child get messy rather than discourage her to play for the sake of preserving an outfit.

However, I have to admit I'm a bit of a cashmere lover myself.  While I would never consider going out and buying a cashmere sweater for a baby or small child I would think about buying a Couture Clip for a friend's baby as a little indulgence.  We all know a mom or mom to be who has everything...except this!

couture clip luxe binkie holder cashmere baby pacifier string clip

My cutie pie of a niece pictured here is 10 months old and adores her pacifier but you'd actually think she was in a shot put competition if you saw her in action. She loves to suck on it for a few minutes, chuck it as hard as she can and then cry because it's gone.  Yep, she is quite the confusing woman,  sending mixed signals already!

There are plenty of pacifier strings/clips/homing devices on the market but this little girl historically doesn't like them. When she first arrived for a visit to our home I watched her repeatedly try to rip one off of her shirt so I admit I had some low expectations for her as a candidate for the Couture Clip....

couture clip luxe binkie holder cashmere baby pacifier string clip

Wrong!  Rather than trying to rip off the Couture Clip she was pretty enamored with it.  Perhaps she knew it was high fashion baby gear.  Most likely it was the unbelievably soft cashmere that the body of the Couture Clip is constructed from which had her captivated.  Rather than fighting it she held onto it for a while, stuffed her pacifier back in her mouth, appeared quite pacified and allowed her mother 5 more minutes to browse in a cute boutique.  Mission accomplished!  

The Couture Clip luxe binkie holder sells for about $25 - $30 and comes in a variety of colors and luxury fabrics.  They also make a similar and equally luxurious product to keep a toy at arm's length. You can find out more about these products right here:  Get my Couture Clip  

A little tip?  Sign up for their newsletter and you'll get 20% off your purchase.  That little luxury just got more reasonable!

July 23, 2012

Baby Banana Brush - Best Baby Toothbrush

Parenting is exhausting.   I happen to think the first 18 months take the cake on the exhaust-o-meter but then again I've never had a moody 13 year old girl running around my house...things to look forward to!

Kayla started getting teeth at around 4 months old and was just plain miserable throughout teething.  Like most babies at that stage she also became a biter.

I found myself hunting for something better than those little toothbrushes you slip on your finger since they do zilch to combat sharp little teeth.

When I found Baby Banana Brush  I was browsing Amazon.com at 3am rocking a baby back to sleep and ordered it without a second thought.  Fast forward 3 years and I wish I had taken some cute pictures of her with that silly banana to show you.

The sweet folks at Baby Banana Brush sent us one so we could use it with one of our age appropriate kid testers and here he is in tooth brushing bliss.

Baby Banana Brush is a hysterical banana shaped toothbrush made entirely of medical grade silicone.  It's dishwasher safe, BPA and latex free and since it's soft you don't have to worry about your baby jamming it in their throat or moving while you are trying to brush their tiny teeth and getting hurt.

Since the Baby Banana Brush is soft it can also be used as a teether, which our little tester did quite a bit.  He and his mom loved it.  You can even throw it in the freezer to make it cold but it won't harden (or break) like those water teethers...awesome!

There is something about a baby or little kid with a banana hanging out of their mouth that's just downright funny and what parent of a teether couldn't use some extra laughs?

Baby Banana Brush comes in two versions, one for 3-12 months and one for 12 months - 2 years.  You can find them for about $8 right here: Get my Baby Banana Brush

Take a look at the link above to see the different brushes and let me know which one you would pick for your little monkey below in the comments.  Baby Banana Brush will send a brush of their choice to one lucky reader

July 20, 2012

Kiwi Crate Celebration Shop - Paper Dolls

We had to take a break after making our fairy wand and headband because the fairy's mommy was exhausted and declared it bedtime.  In case you missed that, take a look at that here: Kiwi Crate Celebration Shop - Part 1

A few days later (after a lot of begging from the aforementioned fairy) we moved on to the paper dolls project from the Kiwi Crate Fairy Fun gift crate.  

kiwi crate review kiwi crate celebration shop fairy fun kiwi crate gift

One of my favorite things about Kiwi Crate is they give very specific, easy to follow instructions for all of their projects which you can use or ignore as you please.

kiwi crate review kiwi crate celebration shop fairy fun kiwi crate gift

I was very impressed with the materials that Kiwi Crate provided to make the dolls. Let me just say,  I'm not very easy to impress!   Since it's a gift set they included a nice pair of scissors, a full set of markers and a great glue stick.  

I would expect to find strange fabric remnants from the early 90's in craft set for kids.  So Not The Case Here!  Quite frankly, I would be psyched to have clothes made for me out of the adorable graphic prints that came with this project. 

kiwi crate review kiwi crate celebration shop fairy fun kiwi crate gift

Kiwi Crate included a set of templates to cut out clothes for the paper dolls.  They made it really easy to create perfectly sized dresses, shirts and shorts.   Those Kiwi Crate folks really thought of everything when they put this project together because there was even a template for fairy wings!  We were able to trace and cut out a few sets from some neat metallic origami paper.

kiwi crate review kiwi crate celebration shop fairy fun kiwi crate gift

I have been meaning to practice tracing more  frequently with Kayla since it seems like a good skill for a 3-4 year old to work on and we had only traced our hands before. She genuinely enjoyed doing it with all the templates and by the time we were done creating a bunch of outfits for our dolls she had really gotten the hang of it.

kiwi crate review kiwi crate celebration shop fairy fun kiwi crate gift

Kayla thoroughly enjoyed choosing from all of the different colors, textures and types of materials that Kiwi Crate put in this project.  The Scissors were surprisingly high quality and worked well to cut the fabric but weren't so sharp that I had to be concerned about her using them.  We crafted away for a good hour on an otherwise chore filled Sunday and it was a nice break and felt like quality bonding time to me.  

While Kayla needed help with a couple of small things she was able to assert her independence and do most of the activity on her own.  As a mother I had remember to step back and let her!  Yes, there is a lesson for parents too in these crates. 

kiwi crate review kiwi crate celebration shop fairy fun kiwi crate gift

Here are our mommy and me paper dolls. I did whip out our own crayons for some flesh colored tones that couldn't have been accomplished with the markers. If you're a 3 year old, clearly this is not of concern. 

Kayla was proud of her doll because "I did it all by myself, mommy didn't help." At 3 1/2 Kayla is on the younger end for Kiwi Crate's suggested 3-7 age group.  If you have an older child you can expect their dolls to look more like mine since I'd say my art skills are on par with a 7 year old.

Remember my little fairy from our last Kiwi Crate post?  Well here is her slightly dressier paper doll version complete with headband and fairy wand!  While Kayla was hard at work putting together her doll and practicing her cutting and tracing skills I put this little one together for her as a surprise.  

kiwi crate review kiwi crate celebration shop fairy fun kiwi crate gift

Kayla had a lot of fun with all 3 projects in the Fairy Fun gift crate.  I like that none of them drove me insane as the assisting adult. The fact that I get to be the hero as the parent presenting this green box of awesomeness each month is kind of fun too!

If you're thinking of trying out Kiwi Crate yourself then there is no better time than now.  Last month I told you about another monthly service I love called Stork Stack and their generous charitable mission.  Kiwi Crate is currently doing something similar this Summer called their Summer of Giving program. 

Now through August 12th for every new subscription ordered Kiwi Crate will donate one crate of art, science and crafting activities to amazing charities like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Ronald McDonald House Charities.  

Both of the charities mentioned above are near and dear to my heart.  My husband is a Make A Wish Wish Granter and we have seen so many of his Wish Children and their families benefit from the unbelievable work these charities do.  What a fantastic way to get something great for your child and help a child who could use a pick me up at the same time!

For more information on Kiwi Crate, the Celebration Shop and Kiwi Crate's Summer of Giving program click here: Take me to Kiwi Crate!

July 18, 2012

Mommy Needs a Laugh - Pat The Husband

After working, taking care of our kids (which apparently is not considered working) finding organic vegetables, magically turning said vegetables into child and husband friendly dishes and telling our kids for the fifth time today not to pull the dog's tail we mommies need a laugh.  Some might even say a cocktail, but I'll take a laugh.

Just the other night I was at a friend's house for a BBQ and saw the most hysterical book being passed around.  Every woman who read it immediately burst into fits of laughter.  Every man who read it kept a stern look on his face and tried to act like he had no idea what the  point of this book was.  I leave you to be the judge on whether this is relatable and hysterical....

pat the husband book review funny books for moms

Amazon.com gives you a generous look inside the book right here: Check out Pat The Husband

If you've ever found yourself accused of "hiding" something in the fridge because it was located behind one other item you'll love this book.  As I've learned it also makes a funny and original hostess gift for your next BBQ.

Kiwi Crate Celebration Shop - Fairy Fun

If you follow us on Twitter @mommytesters then it's no secret that we are major Kiwi Crate fans.

If by some horrible misalignment of the stars you've never heard of Kiwi Crate, they send out monthly themed boxes of crafts for kids ages 3-7.

A while back I ordered a 3 month subscription to Kiwi Crate for Kayla because she is absolutely obsessed with craft projects.  It's her favorite activity at school and ever since she was old enough to string a couple of words together she would say "Do art"- it was all she wanted to do.  Sadly, she happens to be the daughter of a less than crafty mother.

You can tell from the picture below that Kayla has learned to recognize that green box and is over the top excited when it shows up each month.

I love the bonding, learning and creative development that doing these types of projects offer.  However, the thought of spending what little free time I have at a craft store tracking down obscure materials is downright unappealing and knowing me I'd inevitably forget some crucial component...

That's where Kiwi Crate comes in.  Each crate contains all the materials you would need to complete the projects as well as very detailed and easy to understand instructions.  At about $20 a month including shipping I personally feel like I'm getting a deal for the lack of hassle and the amount of entertainment the crates provide for Kayla.

A few weeks ago we showed you a pictures only preview of the firefly project from the June "busy with bugs" crate.  You can see how much joy Kayla got out of that project here: Kiwi Crate June box

Kiwi Crate recently opened their Celebration Shop which sells individual projects to be used during birthday parties or for party favors.  They also sell gift crates as a nice option to give when you're on birthday party number 7 of the month and you're running out of original ideas.

When our friends at Kiwi Crate offered to send us the Fairy Fun Gift Crate I was pretty excited because I knew it would be right up Kayla's alley.  So what was in the box?

kiwi crate celebration shop kiwi crate fairy kiwi crate review kiwi crate june july

Each box usually comes with 2 great projects which vary in complexity, time to complete and level of parent involvement.
kiwi crate celebration shop kiwi crate fairy kiwi crate review kiwi crate june july
The Fairy Fun Gift Crate came with a bonus project (yay!) it was a flower headband that looked like it would be great accessory for any fairy.

kiwi crate celebration shop kiwi crate fairy kiwi crate review kiwi crate june july

Here are the materials provided for the wand.  Kiwi Crate is pretty generous with the materials they give you and we probably have enough to make a second wand using our own stick or dowel.

kiwi crate celebration shop kiwi crate fairy kiwi crate review kiwi crate june july

First we got to work on the wand.  The gift crate included both heart and star shapes so Kayla could choose which one she wanted for her fairy wand.  She needed some help wrapping the dowel but was able to stick on the shapes herself.  

Kiwi Crate says their crates are best suited for ages 3-7 and I think this is accurate.  A 3-5 year old might need a little more help and a 6 or 7 year old would be fine on their own for most of the projects we have done so far.

kiwi crate celebration shop kiwi crate fairy kiwi crate review kiwi crate june july

Here is Kayla hard at work coloring the flowers for her fairy flower headband. There were some great metallic markers included in the box to color the flowers with.  As she was coloring them she colored all over our wood table and I got a bit worried it might not come off but it did with just a wet paper towel.

kiwi crate celebration shop kiwi crate fairy kiwi crate review kiwi crate june july

Here is my little fairy,very proud of her finished wand and headband!

kiwi crate celebration shop kiwi crate fairy kiwi crate review kiwi crate june july

We had to go outside so Kayla could demonstrate her flying abilities and show off her wand.  If you let  her tell the story she turned our palm tree into a "froggy prince"

kiwi crate celebration shop kiwi crate fairy kiwi crate review kiwi crate june july

After a lot of flying, including figure skating style lifts performed by yours truly (exhausting!!) we decided to take a break and read a very appropriate tie in book - Alice The Fairy.  I happen to think that this gift crate and a copy of the book would make an excellent present for a little girl.

Much to Kayla's disappointment I didn't let her do the whole crate at once.  I hid the rest of the crate and saved it for a rainy (or lazy) day..more on that Friday!

If you just can't wait to learn more about Kiwi Crate's subscriptions and gift options then you can take a look right here: Check out Kiwi Crate

July 17, 2012

Office Candy - Something for Mommy!

Every once in a while we need something for mommy!  Do you have a home office?  A few of us do.  For some it's where we do bill paying and keep track of family events and projects.  For others it's a place to perform a full time job from.

While there is a huge range in what we use our home offices for there is one thing that all of our mommy testers  can agree on - we can all use a little fun and a lot more organization!  So here are a few of our favorite things from Office Candy - an online boutique that specializes in exactly this.

office candy review retro file folders

Filing is boring.  Using some cute file folders makes it slightly less boring!  The retro tulip file folders from Galison are way better than the boring solid color ones from office supply stores.

office candy review macbeth collection stepstool colorful step stool fun step stool

We've got some short moms in our bunch.  This folding step stool from Macbeth Collections is awesome for using in the office and around the house.  Office Candy and Rachel Florio-Urso sent us  one of these to test.

Since it's so compact when folded we even took it on a few road trips this summer for the kid testers to use for reaching light switches and sinks.   They loved the bright colors and the carrying handle that pops up.  The only negative was that it was a bit of a battle reclaiming it from the kids post vacation!

macbeth collection big idea giant post it notes office candy review

Sticky notes gone jumbo!  These giant Big Idea pads from Macbeth Collection give you lots of space to plan for the million things you need to do.  Rather than writing (and losing) 5 different sticky notes you can just use one of these.
jonathan adler notebook stationary office candy

Who doesn't love a little Jonathan Adler? He makes some of the most adorable, kitschy home accessories on the market and now he makes office products too.

We love the graphic print notebooks on Office Candy.  Plus - they're easy to find on a messy desk or in a messy bag!

You can see these and tons of other office goodies like fun staplers, clip boards, storage solutions and iPhone cases over at Office Candy right here: Check out Office Candy

July 16, 2012

Wee Drool - The Bulletproof Bib

Wee Drool bib review giveaway
Okay, so it's not really bulletproof but when it comes to bibs for babies and toddlers Wee Drool bibs are pretty much the closest thing.  Plus our mommy testers happen to think that they are just pretty darn cool as well, here's why...

wee drool bib wee drool bib review wee drool tshirt bibI can't even tell you how many pictures I have of Kayla on my phone and the 3 phones I had prior to it during the first three years of her life.  The bummer is that in most of the ones from the first 18 months she's got a cute outfit on and some less than fabulous bib covering up most of it.

Wee Drool makes bibs that look like well designed graphic t-shirts.  They're crafted from soft cotton and have a waterproof liner inside their double layered fabric.  They actually go on like a smock- you stick your tiny tot's arms through the holes in them and then they fasten in the back.

Wee Drool sent us the wee zoom style bib to test out and one of our mommy testers used it on her 18 month old son.

She compared it to a bulletproof vest because of how securely it went on and stayed on.  It would be really difficult for a baby to pull off on their own and provided a lot of protection for his clothes.  She also really liked that you could still take super cute pictures (like this one!)

Wee Drool bibs are reversible, waterproof and come in a bunch of cute boy and girl graphic and color choices.  We think they are fantastic and super high quality.  Just keep in mind that they say ages 3 months to 2 years but our little tester is 18 months old now and a bit of a string bean (long and skinny) and its getting pretty snug on him.

A bib from Wee Drool would make an original and very useful gift for a new parent.  We also love that these bibs are made from organic fabrics with water based dyes and manufactured in the the USA.  Wee Drool bibs retail for $28 and you can find them right here:  Get my Wee Drool bib

July 13, 2012

Polkadot What - Custom Leggings

I have no problem admitting to the rookie mistakes I have made as a mother...and there have been plenty!  One of them was collecting a pile of adorable and incredibly impractical denim jeans for Kayla.

The closest she has come to wearing jeans is the jeggings from Baby Gap.  Why?  Leggings are just so much more comfortable and give her free range of motion to play.

For the last few years it has become my mission to track down the cutest leggings I possibly can.  When I discovered the adorable, customizable leggings from Polkadot What I was pretty excited and had to share!

Polkadot What is all about expression.  You can sit down with your little girl and choose exactly what will be on their leggings.  If she's into hearts and stars, no problem!

You can pick 2 of their fun shapes, all of which have meanings behind them like hearts for lovable and polkadots for happy.  You mix and match on their site and then they ship them out to you within a day or 2.  

Polkadot What sent us these super cute leggings and as you can tell our kid tester had so much fun goofing around in them!

All of their leggings are hand printed with water based inks and 100% made in the USA.  You can snag your own pair for about $30 right here: Make my Polkadot What leggings  They make a great gift for a little girl who has everything - and don't we all know one of those?

July 11, 2012

Innobaby Din Din - Dinner Divided

There is nothing like working all day long, picking up your kids and then rushing home to try to cook a decent dinner only to hear your child whine about having to eat it or demanding a peanut butter sandwich instead.
Innobaby Din Din stainless steel divided platter review
Rather than give in and feeding my ever demanding yet lovable daughter something Jamie Oliver would cringe at I've decided to try a different tactic with Innobaby's Din Din stainless steel divided platter.  

innobaby din din divided platter review

Innobaby sent us a Din Din bus platter and here are a few problems I have been able to tackle with the Din Din:

1) My food has touched another food syndrome

This is a common peril in toddler/preschooler feeding.  I recently watched Kayla dip her grapes in ketchup and eat them with gusto while I (barely) hid my surprise and disgust.  Just the day before she had decided her turkey burger was inedible because it had rubbed up against the cantaloupe on her plate.  Din Din keeps it all separate but allows her to dip away without contamination.  Genius!

2) Mom, you're boring me with the same old plate

It's true, even I get bored seeing the same old presentation every day...wouldn't you?  I've decided to pitch the Din Din tray to Kayla as her "Special School Bus Dinner Night" which happens randomly...and particularly on a night when I'm trying to introduce new vegetables or we have a baby sitter coming over.  You'd be amazed how far good packaging goes when it comes to selling a product!

3) Where are the vegetables?

I really try hard to make sure that nearly every meal I offer is balanced and includes a vegetable and at least one fresh fruit.  On really rushed evenings I sometimes find myself putting together a dinner plate and then realizing that I'm missing a food group.  I like the reminder that filling all those divided compartments gives me to diversify what winds up on Kayla's plate.

innobaby din din divided platter review

Honestly I can only say good things.  I love that unlike plastic plates the Din Din doesn't get scratched to bits by toddler forks because those scratches become bacteria hotbeds.  I like throwing it the bottom rack on the dishwasher and watching it come out clean and dry each time.  I also love that unlike muffin tins the compartments are sized differently so I can put larger main course items in those and save smaller ones for something like a dipping sauce.

The Innobaby Din Din stainless divided platter sells for about $15 and you can find it right here: Get my Innobaby Din Din  

- Jillian

July 10, 2012

Brilliant Bath Finds

Boon Flo review

1: Boon Flo - you've seen bath spout covers before but we love the Boon Flo because it also works as a nice hair wash station, bubble bath infuser and play fountain.  We've even stuck Tub Tints in it and watched the kids smile with glee as colored water flows out! Get my Boon Flo
Cuddlecloth baby towel review

2: Cuddlecloth baby towel - this smart towel is great for first time parents and helps with getting slippery post bath babies wrapped up securely.  You fasten it behind your neck and in one swift motion you can wrap your baby up in a hooded towel without doing the "wet baby dangle"at all!  We received our Cuddlecloth from Mompact and they're giving away one below as well as some other great baby products. Learn more about Cuddlecloth

boon naked baby bathtub review

3: Boon Naked - There are baby baths a plenty these days. Some are only designed to last a few months (and are quite expensive) but the Boon Naked tub allows you to transform its shape over time to work with your growing baby.  It also folds flat for storage and can be hung to dry! Get my Boon Naked Bathtub
skip hop soapster soap dispenser review

4: Skip Hop Soapster - if you missed our Soapster review, take a look here Soapster review This clever little creature dispenses foaming soap with a push of his orange belly and can be used in and out of the bath. We've never seen our kids so motivated to get clean.

alex toys tub stickers review

5: Alex Toys Tub Stickers - They come in a bunch of theme choices and are a great preschool bath entertainment option that encourages creative thinking.  Kids can build a city, dress up dolls, create a garden and many more choices are available. Get my Tub Stickers

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