June 20, 2012

Kiwi Crate June Box - Busy with Bugs

Okay, an almost Wordless Wednesday.  We're going to demonstrate just how easy and straightforward Kiwi Crate projects are by only using pictures below to show you the activity we did this week from our June Kiwi Crate.

We're pretty confident that you'll get the gist and realize that they would make an excellent source of entertainment this Summer when you are just DONE coming up with things to keep your kids busy!

This sweet little activity provided well over an hour of fun and Kayla, pictured above was very upset to hear that she couldn't have her creation sleep in her bed.  He acted as a night light instead.  Nope, this isn't our review of Kiwi Crate but *hint* - expect one soon.  

If you have a child age 3-7 then take advantage of Kiwi Crate's 15,000 fan celebration going on and get $5 off your first crate or a celebration shop purchase using the code 15KFAN (it expires today!) right here: Kiwi Crate  unlike a lot of other subscription sites Kiwi Crate doesn't do promos often so we used it too! 

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