June 18, 2012

SwimZip - Extend your day at the beach

Living in San Diego sun protection is constantly on my mind.  It's not a seasonal thought, it's a year round issue.  To complicate things, I've got a little fashionista on my hands.   My 3 year old daughter Kayla has recently developed an opinion of her own when it comes to clothing and that includes swimwear.  It's probably my fault as a veteran of the fashion industry, but don't tell my husband I admitted that.

Swim Zip review Swim Zip rash guard with Zipper Swim Zip giveaway

We have done nothing short of pure bribery to try to get her to wear a rash guard for the added protection from the sun and have struck out every single time.  So much so that I recently donated a pile of rejects because it was becoming more painful to try to convince her to wear one for more than ten seconds than to be a helicopter mom with the sunscreen.

Swim Zip review Swim Zip rash guard with Zipper Swim Zip giveaway

Each time I'd manage to get one over Kayla's big melon head (yes, my kid has one) she'd pretty much freak out and then we'd get to do the whole thing in reverse while she screeched until she was free from the rash guard.  So when I was contacted by Mompact to review SwimZip I was hesitant but excited to see that they offered rash guards that I thought were actually were cute since truthfully, most of the ones for girls I have seen are tacky looking.

Besides the aesthetic appeal what makes SwimZip so different is the zipper that runs the full length of the rashguard.  It got me thinking...if there wasn't a big head/small hole issue then perhaps I'd have a prayer of getting Kayla into it without me aging 3 years in the process.

I think you can tell from the pictures how this experiment in rash guard wearing went.  Kayla was hesitant when she first saw it, obviously traumatized from past experiences but when I showed her the zipper and the clever zipper garage to keep it from irritating her chin she was willing to try it on.  Five minutes later she was still wearing "My pretty ruffle swim shirt" and couldn't put her shoes on fast enough to get out the door to the beach.

Swim Zip review Swim Zip rash guard with Zipper Swim Zip giveaway

We spent a few hours there, Kayla got to spend some time in the water and enjoy the awesome playground that's right on the beach. I felt better about Kayla being in the sun with her back and shoulders covered.  I still slathered the rest of her body that was exposed in Babyganics Sunscreen before we left and reapplied while we were there but I found myself being less of the paranoid sunscreen wielding mother that I usually am and it was kind of nice for all parties involved!

SwimZip's UV 50+ fabric did it's job and Kayla came home minus any hint of browning or a burn on her and without desperately trying to remove the rash guard even once.  Quite frankly, I'm still in awe.

SwimZip has styles for boys and girls and sells for $14.99-29.99 If you have a little one who refuses to wear a rash guard I highly recommend you give them a try.  You can get your own SwimZip swimwear right here on their site:  Shop SwimZip

You can keep in touch with Swimzip and Mompact on Facebook right here: Mompact on Facebook , SwimZip on Facebook


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