June 7, 2012

Stork Stack, a gift that keeps giving.

Stork Stack Review and Giveaway
At this point we can practically predict what will be on a baby registry.  Diaper pail and not enough refills, check.  Organic changing pad, check.  Video baby monitor, check. Sure, you can show up at the next baby shower toting a lovely infant play gym or wipe warmer but we have an idea that will make you the very savvy and creative shower guest.  Come bearing a Stork Stack.

What exactly is a Stork Stack?  To sum it up, it's a box of mommy genius.  They send out a monthly curated selection of baby products tailored to your child's stage in life.  Their stacks start from the third trimester and go up to age three. Yes, we know subscription services are all the rage these days but Stork Stack sets itself apart from the pack in a few different ways.

1) You will not only get unique items that most moms wouldn't think to register for and will love.  You'll also get amazing value out of your stack.  Trust us, this is not the first baby product subscription we have been sent to test but it's the one we will endorse because the promised value is the real deal!

Here is what we found in our June Stack:

-Baby Banz adjustable sun hat to protect and accommodate ever growing noggins
-Boon Munch, a sleek little snack container
-BabyLegs legwarmers, easier diaper changes and great for keeping knees boo-boo free
-Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Butter to battle stretch marks and keep skin amazingly soft
-Earth Mama Angel Baby Happy Mama Spray, 4 fl oz oil for some (much needed) aroma therapy

Stork Stack sells the stack we received for $28.  They give the MSRP's of all the items in a leaflet included in the box and since several of us are true businesswomen we did our due diligence on our stack.  We price checked each item to see if we could get a better deal or get close to Stork Stack's price.

The total MSRP on all the items in our stack was just over $64. With our bargain hunting efforts we were only able to get the price down to $58 - still more than double the price of the Stork Stack, forget the work involved in hunting all those items down!

2) Stork Stack offers a Shower Stack which they ship every day and will allow you to show up at a baby shower with your gift in hand.  Most other services will only give you a piece of paper with the promise of a gift in the future....lame!

The items in the Shower Stack are set so there is no mystery as to what you are giving and you'll know exactly what is inside the box you present to the mom-to-be. You can also add on extra months to extend the giving and brighten that mommy's day when she's dealing with a two month old who isn't sleeping and the newness of baby joy has worn off a bit.

3) The Stork Stack team is fiercely committed to their customers and their charitable causes.  They don't offer to donate some measly portion of the profits of Stork Stack to some unheard of cause. Instead their promise is to donate 1 stack for every 3 month subscription, 2 stacks for ever 6 month subscription and 3 stacks for every 12 month subscription.  They donate to two wonderful charities that we absolutely love, Operation Showers of Appreciation and Baby Buggy.

Stork Stack also believes in hands on customer service.  We didn't receive some generic email that our stack was shipping.  We received a personal email from their team with tracking information.  When we opened our stack there was a handwritten note to us.  Rumor even has it that they hand delivered the stacks in their hometown of Chicago.  How sweet is that??

You can see more about Stork Stack and order your own Stack or Shower Stack here: Get my Stork Stack

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