June 6, 2012

Sila Boutique - All things cute in one place

We do quite a bit of gifting.  That's what we tell our spouses....okay, the truth is (and we think they suspect) we do quite a bit of gifting and some a lot of recreational shopping for ourselves and our little ones. 

When you're searching for a gift for someone you really like you want it to be special, unique and incredibly cute. It's getting harder and harder to find local boutiques with unique merchandise so we were elated when we heard about Sila Boutique

Sila Boutique is a well edited collection of very giftable items. Just note, you have been forewarned that it's next to impossible to browse their products and not find something for yourself or your child that you just HAVE to have.  Here are a few of our favorite finds:

Bikini Bodysuit from Annabear Studio
That's one of our adorable little baby testers donning the paisley bikini bodysuit! This little outfit has a hand stitched bikini sewn on it and is a hysterical way to let a baby hang at the pool and look the part while keeping them more covered up from the sun.

Each one is hand crafted by Leslie of Annabear Studio and the bodysuits are even treated with sunscreen to add extra protection for those little cuties...how cool is that?  Our little tester's mom got a lot of compliments on this outfit and she'll be sporting it all summer!

Did we mention that Jessica Simpson has the exact same outfit for baby Maxwell?  We'll just hope they don't wind up at Sur together wearing the same thing...oh the scandal!  :)

Personalized Cotton Favor Bags
They come in a ton of color and graphic choices, are far more elegant feeling than paper or plastic and we cannot wait to use them at the next birthday  party or baby shower we wind up throwing.  Plus we love that they can be re-used to store jewelry, trinkets, etc.

Tooth Fairy Pillows
A really sweet way to celebrate lost teeth, especially the first few!  We love the handmade feel, the spot to let your child write their name (they will appreciate this when it goes in their memory box later on) and the little pouch for the tooth fairy to perform her barter.    

All of these great items and plenty more we didn't mention (we're dying for a custom shower curtain!) can be found right here:  Shop Sila Boutique

Our always chic and in the know friend Rachel Florio let us know about Sila Boutique, you can follow her here to stay in the loop too: Rachel Florio-Urso
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