June 24, 2012

Piggy Paint - No fumes, just fun

Our pedicure kit for the kid testers
Recently my daughter Kayla developed an intense interest in nail polish.  She had been asking me about my "pink toes" and chatting up any cashier who had interesting nail art.  I have never performed a manicure or pedicure on myself or anyone else but after days of hearing "Mommy can I please have nail polish on my toes, pleeeeease!"  I broke down and decided to make my first attempt on Kayla's little toes. 

I took her out to our backyard, sat her on a lounge chair and produced a bottle of the only color I've ever used, Essie Fiji. I went to work trying to paint those teeny tiny toe nails while Kayla watched in pure delight.  A few seconds into painting she said "Mommy, what's that SMELL?"

I had been so focused on trying to do a good job on her toes that I had forgotten about the awful and intense odor that nail polish gives off, especially to a tiny little nose that has never smelled the inside of a nail salon.  I immediately felt pangs of mommy guilt and embarrassment for exposing her to those fumes.

Frustrated and still feeling quite stupid for not thinking about this before offering to paint her nails I started searching for non-toxic nail polish and that is when I found Piggy Paint.

Piggy Paint is made especially for little girls (or boys!) and unlike those kits you find in some stores that are "kid nailpolish" because they have licensed characters on them but are still filled with toxic junk, Piggy Paint was created because of the exact scenario I explained above.  The nail polish is water based rather than solvent based, hypoallergenic and gives off very little odor.

If you're questioning whether you should consider using a water based nail polish then take a look at this picture in which you can see the solvent based nail polish eating through a foam plate - how disturbing is that??

I reached out to the folks at Piggy Paint to see if they would let us test out their nail polish with our girly kid testers and have a mani-pedi party and they happily agreed.  We mommies set up a mini spa for the girls and got to work soaking their little hands and toes, and letting them attempt to file their own nails.

We did the actual nail painting inside to see if we would encounter fumes and you really had to stick your nose directly up to the bottle to smell anything at all.  Even then it smelled nothing like conventional nail polish.

Piggy Paint doesn't last quite as long as regular nail polish but seriously, what 5 year old needs the staying power of a gel manicure?    It's pretty much a guarantee that your child will want to change up their polish color or design before it chips away.

Piggy Paint comes in a rainbow of colors and they make their own nail polish remover which is also far less harsh or fume filled than conventional polish remover.

There are also nail polish pens for less mess and more independence for older kids as well as some neat nail art appliqu├ęs.  Quite frankly we're considering sneaking in some piggy paint time when the kids are asleep!

You can purchase Piggy Paint directly on their site as well as find retailers right here:  Shop Piggy Paint

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