June 29, 2012

Munchkin Bunch Contest and Scholarship

We're pretty big fans of Munchkin products over at Mommy Testers headquarters.  Our all time favorite is the Snack Catcher.  I won't tell you how many we own between all the mommies, but I can say it's an embarrassingly large number.   In fact, I think it's actually quite hard to have a child and NOT own a Munchkin product... or seven.

So, when we heard about the Munchkin Bunch contest it seemed like the responsible thing to do was spread the word.  If you're reading this then you probably either have a super cute child of your own or know someone who does.

You're probably also familiar with just how much stuff those adorable tiny people go through in their first few years of life!  Until July 23 you can nominate your little munchkin for the Munchkin Bunch class of 2013.

If your child is selected for the Class of 2013 they will receive a monthly shipment of age appropriate products like diaper pails, safety gates, travel items, bath toys and feeding items over a six month period.  Pretty sweet huh?

It gets better!  When they graduate from the Munchkin Bunch Class of 2013 they will receive a $1000 scholarship to put towards their college fund.  I have spent a lot of time obsessing about college savings and can tell you that getting a head start while your kids are young will make a world of difference later on!

So, let me seriously suggest that you head over to Munchkin's Facebook page right here:  Munchkin Bunch Contest and upload a picture of your favorite little person.  You can then rally your friends and tell them to vote for your munchkin!

I and the other mommies wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see all of your cuties!


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