June 7, 2012

MadPax - Too Cool For School!

School is winding down and camp is just around the corner.  If you're like us then you'll be looking for something pretty neat to get your camper excited whether it's day camp or sleep away camp they will be attending.  We love MadPax backpacks because well, they're downright awesome looking!

We've got a few dinosaur lovers on our hands and the Spiketus Rex and Later Gator styles were right up their alley.  At first our kids didn't know what those spiky objects were that they found waiting for them after school.  Then they flipped them over, saw the straps and by the scientific method concluded that yes, they must in fact be backpacks.

Next we heard "Wow, that's cool " which is a very satisfying phrase when it's something you thought was quite nifty yourself and not two kids figuring out how to use a pair of underwear as a slingshot.

Our kid's loved  these backpacks because they had never seen anything like them.  They thoroughly enjoyed pretending to be dinosaurs and running around the house roaring while wearing them and looking at themselves in the mirror.

We mommies loved them because aside from the aesthetics and cool factor MadPax are well constructed.  They have smooth seams and zippers that glide easily to make opening and closing the bags easier.  The backs and straps are nicely padded for comfort and the insides are fully lined unlike a lot of other brands.  MadPax are also easy to pick out of a crowd so when you encounter the mosh pit of backpacks at pick up time finding your child's should be pretty easy!

MadPax come in four different sizes to fit preschoolers,  teens and everyone in between.  Plus their appeal seems to be universal.  Our 14 year old neighbor immediately wanted to know what they were.

For teens and big kids there is the full pack which is large enough to use for multiple binders and books at school and a towel, bathing suit, change of clothes and some snacks for camp.  For preschoolers and younger kids there is the half pack which can fit a tube of sunblock, a bathing suit, a kid size towel, and a change of clothes.

Matching lunchbag?  Yes, there is one and when your kid inevitably leaves it behind at camp one day you've got a much better chance of the counselor knowing who the spiky blue lunch bag belongs to.  There is even a "Mighty Bite" size that is just right for a couple of  treasured trinkets and some crayons for little ones or a cell phone and wallet for bigger kids.  The prices range from $15 to $60 depending on the size you choose.

You can find MadPax right on their site here: Shop Madpax or if you're an Amazon lover right here: MadPax on Amazon

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