June 10, 2012

Hoodebaby - Snuggliest blanket on the block

You can only imagine the sheer volume of cuddly, snuggly things we come across in our line of work so it takes quite a lot to shock us on the comfort front but yes, it actually happened recently! It came in the form of Hoodebaby's charming and cozy warmwear. 

As pretty busy moms (like there is any other kind) we are often on the run with babies and young children in tow.  Swim class, preschool, grocery shopping, out to dinner, you get the gist.  Since a few of us live right by the beach mornings and evenings are cool even in the warmer months we find ourselves constantly coaxing our kids into their jackets to get them from the car to a restaurant or store and vice versa.

When we get to the car we are faced with the annoyance (and safety hazard) of constantly re-adjusting the harness straps on car seats to accommodate for the jackets. If you have ever had to do this then you know that on a good car seat it's like playing tug of war!  Hoodebaby was created to solve this exact problem.

Rather than chasing toddlers and trying to stick pudgy little arms into coats only to readjust straps you can snuggle your child up in their warmwear, carry them off to the car, easily unwrap them and strap them in like you normally would.  If you child wants to cuddle with their warmwear they can and you don't have to worry about the danger of having the car seat straps too loose from constant adjustments. 

Like we said, these cuddly hooded blankets are like none we have felt before, a hybrid of super soft baby bunting and gorgeous printed micro fleece.  They make wonderful couch cuddling blankets and quickly became house favorites.  You know you're on to something good when you find the blanket your toddler sleeps with every night tossed on the floor and your child wrapped in their Hoodebaby instead!

Hoodebaby sent us our warmwear and we can't wait to see it give comfort to another small child when we donate it....and buy a few for some mommies we know that are due this fall!  You can get your own warmwear right here: Shop Hoodebaby

You can keep up with Hoodebaby on Facebook right here: Hoodebaby on Facebook  and with Rachel Florio the queen of all things baby chic right here: Rachel Florio-Urso

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