June 12, 2012

Daddies Do It Different - Don't we know it!

They sure do!  If you're looking for a last minute Father's Day gift from your child to their dad then we've got it, giggles included.

Daddies Do It Different is a very sweet account of the ways moms and dad's do things differently from a little girl's perspective.  She takes you through the day, showing how mom would get her dressed in clothes that coordinate, meanwhile when dad helps her it's quite a different look.

A trip to the market with mommy involves sitting safely strapped into the shopping cart, reading nutritional labels and using coupons.  With daddy she talks about how they eat all the free food samples they can, he pushes the shopping cart like a race car driver and sticks things in his nose to make her laugh.

Later at the park her mom puts sunscreen on her face while her dad must show off his skills on the monkey bars resulting in an injury.  If your family functions anything like how some of ours do then a lot of these scenarios will resonate with you. 

When it happens in our own homes we're guilty of rolling our eyes at this behavior but the book speaks the truth, daddies definitely do it differently than we do but our kids love almost every minute of the chaos so this Father's Day we're going to embrace it and encourage it when we gift this book!

Daddies Do It Different retails for $16.99 and due to the time of year is sold out on Amazon.com but is available at Barnesandnoble.com or at some wonderful neighborhood stores.  If you are local to the San Diego area, we found this great book at Geppetto's in San Diego and Warwick's books in La Jolla.
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