June 4, 2012

CuppyCup - No Spills, No Stains, Just Smiles

A few years ago we wouldn't have even thought to buy a drink box holder because let's face it, those juice boxes were pretty much liquid lollipops.  However, much like most kid food these days those little boxes have been reformed and now you can buy everything from flavored water (all natural flavoring of course) to organic low fat milk in them.

So, when we started buying these new improved drinks for our toddlers on the go, we were faced with the age old problem that our parents had experienced....what do you put them in so your kids don't squirt them all over the place?  We had seen the generic holders that only fit one type of box but now there are so many shapes and sizes that render them obsolete.

We discovered a little Australian gem called CuppyCup and now we don't leave home without it.  CuppyCup is an adjustable kids drink holder that accommodates all different sized drink boxes and pouches and folds flat for storage.  You just extend the body of the CuppyCup to fit the drink your child is about to enjoy and hand it on over to them.  No squirts, no spills, no tears and best of all, no extra laundry!

The well proportioned handles on both sides help toddlers keep a tight grip on their drink, even when soaking wet out of the pool like our little kid tester pictured.  When your child is done CuppyCup folds flat to fit right in your handbag, diaper bag or car console and takes up about the same amount of space as most cell phones these days.

We got a lot of "Whoa! Where did you get that?" about the CuppyCup from the other moms and dads at the pool that day and sadly we had to tell them that right now it's only available to the very lucky people in Australia ($8.99) and the UK.  However...we bet one day soon we'll see them in the states.  Until then our kids will just be little rock stars with their clever CuppyCups from down under!

If you live in the UK or Australia then you can purchase CuppyCup right here: Get my CuppyCup 
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