June 4, 2012

CityGrips - Clean Hands, Sweet Style!

If you have ever pushed a stroller on a hot sunny day then you know how how sweaty and gross the grips on your stroller can get after a very short time.  Especially if you are commandeering one of the ever growing deluxe strollers and twenty something pounds of baby.

Did we mention that those stroller grips quickly becoming hotbeds for bacteria, dirt and we can't even imagine what else!
When we discovered CityGrips we could not wait to test them out. CityGrips are fun, stylish and cushy covers for the grips on your stroller.  They fit all strollers, stay snugly on the original grips but are easily removed for machine washing and drying after a summer walk. CityGrips sent us the ZigZag grips for a handled stroller and we tested them on our favorite lightweight and always practical MacLaren Quest stroller.

We took our stroller for a zoo visit on a sunny 80 degree day.  Not only did they look fabulous and absorb the sweat as we made our way through the steamy paths but they were very helpful for picking our stroller out of a crowd in the stroller parking areas.  Even our kids could spot the stylish grips and knew which stroller was ours in an instant.

When we got home we tossed them in the laundry basket, gave them a wash and didn't have to worry about sweaty, stinky grips anymore.

CityGrips come in a variety of options to fit strollers with dual handles or ones with a single handlebar.  They also make terry cloth grip covers for jogging strollers that  function like a built in work out towel for your hands.  

At $12.95 and free shipping direct from CityGrips we think these are an awesome deal that is not to be missed.  For those of you who are international shipping is just $4.00!!

Going forward we will definitely be gifting these to all moms to be that we know`so they can have CityGrips from the get go - one of our favorite finds this year!

Our friends at CityGrips have given us 5 sets of CityGrips to give away to our readers and they will ship them anywhere in the world (even Australia) so enter below and we'll be picking 5  winners at the end of this week! a Rafflecopter giveaway
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