June 1, 2012

Brickstix - Make those old Leogs new again

Apparently we underestimated the cost of tiny plastic bricks because while shopping for Legos this past holiday season a couple of us experienced total sticker shock while checking out those themed sets.  Regardless, we purchased a few of the worth-their-weight-in-gold sets and went on with our holiday shopping.

Fast forward five months and those Legos were collecting a nice layer of dust in our toy cabinets....sigh.  Perhaps it's our fault for indulging our kids in too many exciting toys- no doubt an occupational hazard when you do what we do.   But we also think that some of the more specialized sets don't allow enough room for creativity and changing up themes.  Fortunately, we called on Brickstix to let us test out their products to see if they could bring those Legos back to life.  They sure did and here is how....

Brickstix are removable stickers and clings that come in a variety of images and themes.  We took what used to be a fairytale Lego set and turned it into a modern day cupcake store (complete with unicorn riding baker) using the shops set.  

You just peel them off the page and they stick right on using removable adhesive or static cling depending on the set.

Is your child in the throes of a super hero obsession?  Then look no further than the Mod Comic series of removable stickers to take their blocks and transform them into an action packed super hero showdown, complete with customizable word bubbles.

Our kids had a blast with these and we quickly had a whole village of villains threatening to take over our play room.  Being the sneaky moms we are we didn't tell them you could write on some of the bubbles until after they had played for a while and then when we did they went back for round two.

We personally felt the stickers were easier to work with in regards to applying them to the blocks but we liked that the clings could be used over and over again without issue, especially when dealing with preschoolers who love nothing more than to peel stickers off of things!

BrickStix (the cling version) come in several different theme options: Metro, Space, Shops, Rescue, Splats and Transport.  Mod stickers come in Comic, Medieval, Special Forces, WWII and Zombie versions.  They all retail for $5.99 which makes them the perfect accessory to any Lego gift you might find yourself giving!  You can purchase BrickStix clings and Mod stickers right here: Purchase BrickStix

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