June 11, 2012

Babychix - Babyopoly Anyone?

Father's Day is nearly here and naturally we have new daddies on our minds.  For the most part moms have all the fun with baby gear and dad's are usually just kind of along for the ride. In our experience most of them are focused more on the score of the game than the new hot stroller and all it's incredible mind blowing features. 

You can imagine our delight when we had this Babychix Babyopoly blanket sitting on a counter top and one of our husbands picked it up and said "Oh, this is really neat, I like this"  with zero prompting....jaw drop!

The Babyopoly swaddle blanket is obviously reminiscent of one of our favorite classic board games but instead of Park Place and Marvin Gardens you'll find things that only parents can relate to like  like Peek-a-boo Theater, Cuddle Me Field and Pacifier Place.  The Any Chance?  spots absolutely crack us up. 

It's soft, silky smooth and the graphics are printed with sublimation printing which means they are resistant to fading and won't flake away no matter how many times this blanket gets spit up on and subsequently washed.

The Babyopoly blanket sells for $29.99 and we think it makes a fantastic gift for any new dad or dad to be this Father's Day....who knows, it just might motivate them to change a few more diapers too!

You can get your Babyopoly blanket right here:  Shop Babychix
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