May 16, 2012

Swoop Bags - More Fun, Less Mess!

We can't begin to count how many hours we have spent picking up Legos, train tracks and doll accessories or begging our kids to do so. While we've got some creative mommy testers who have invented all kinds of games, races and other ploys to get their kids to clean up, clean up time in our homes can be a struggle.

When we came across Swoop Bags their simplicity and sheer awesomeness made it clear that they would become an essential in our homes.  Swoop Bags function as both a play mat and a toy storage bag.

You release the drawstrings to turn the bag into a 44" toy containing play mat and pull them to swoop up the mess when your kids are done.  No more rounding up armfuls of toys to dump in plastic bins and stepping on forgotten Legos in the middle of the night!

One surprising aspect we hadn't anticipated was that our kids seemed to find their Swoop Bag to be a kind of boundary for the toys and rather than sprinkling them all around the living room while playing they kept them on the mat.

When it was time to clean up they were more than happy to get to pull the drawstrings and watch their mess disappear in seconds.  No whining, no pleading and no reminders to clean up from their mommies required!  Did we mention they look much nicer than those plastic storage bins too?

Swoop Bags are one of the scarily few products out there that are made in the USA.  They are crafted from 100% cotton canvas and are machine washable - which we LOVE.

Swoop Bags sent us the blue bag pictured to review but they come in a whole rainbow of colors and retail for $48.  When we calculate the time saved in our efforts at cleaning up it's a no-brainer purchase!

Swoop Bags is celebrating their 1 year anniversary (Happy Birthday!) so we have a nice coupon code to share with you that gets you 30% off your order, just enter oneyear30 at checkout here: Swoop Bags
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